Meet Chow and Joseph…

Before releasing a spinoff from a main series, I think we should first learn who will we be spinning with. That is why today I am posting the new guests of honor from the series. Today I introduce Chow and Joseph.

 psychs 1st

Let us recap before we move forward. ‘Psychs 1st’ is a spin off that tells the story of young Hassan, a guy with eight ghosts connected to him by the tragic event of his birth, he decided to visit the United States in an effort to put closure to the 7 ghosts who are connected to him by visiting their families and give them letters with a fake story of how he got those letters, only to discover that he is there to do more than that, and probably to try and survive.

So without further stalling and teasing, I give you Chow and Joseph.


~ Chow

One of the best communication experts at his time. He was too good, he can dissemble and assemble his equipments in pitch darkness. He is also known for his great and unnatural measuring skills, with the ability to give very good calculation of the distances by sight only. He was the first to die, sealing his fate with Hassan’s. He left behind a wife, with a three months old embryo in her womb.


~ Joseph

The person with the most knowledge of Close Quarter Battle. He is the oldest individual out of the others. He believes that humans are like metals; you need to apply stress in order to strengthen them. Which is why he took it upon himself to teach Hassan the hard way, applying stress and insane physical training to make sure he stays stronger. But after a while, life got in the way and training became a luxury Hassan can’t always have. He left behind a wife and 5 year old twin sons.


Next time, we will talk more about Rod and Mason, in the mean time, feel free to visit my website and to get more involved with the series.

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