Time to extract…

It felt great going back to the series through a spinoff. I wrote once before describing how creating something comes hand in hand with new parental instincts; your art will become your child. My baby was born with the first book of the series, Psychs. Having a 36 pages spinoff from the series is like my baby’s first words. With the second book – Iblis – on the way, who knows. I only hope to avoid the teenage mood swings phase.
Now I am in the process of preparing for my masters degree. Like Bat Man, I have a double life; I am a (… Hmmm what should I start with first… Well you already know I’m a writer) dentist/writer. It should be a hard work to harmonize with both, but since they are linked together through passion, it is not work at all. So at the moment, I’ll do my GPR and I’ll try my best not to extract teeth as much as Possible… Though I must say, I enjoy it 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone.

~ A. H. Amin


4 thoughts on “Time to extract…

  1. Best of luck for your second book, awaiting for that. You enjoy extracting tooth? I’m having trouble with my teeth but very much afraid to visit a Dentist.

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