So wrong in So many levels…

I went to my car to go out and found this on my window shield


This made no sense what so ever. I laughed at it, not just because of the bad grammar and vocabulary, but also because I was parking in my parking space. Did they legalize marijuana where I am?



  1. Soma Mukherjee · August 23, 2013

    They must have, you live in a place where you are car 😆

    • ahamin · August 23, 2013

      I wish he or she wrote ‘you’re instead’ at least I would have understand… Then again, whoever was complaining didn’t have the right to.

  2. ketch1714 · August 23, 2013

    LOL. I don’t know, but that person must have been on something. 😀

  3. Mike · August 27, 2013

    I think the message is speaking to the car (;

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