Classics are immortal

There is a list called 1000 movies you should see before you die, and yesterday I picked Doctor Strangelove (or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb) from that list. I have heard about it a while back, but for my surprise, I didn’t know that one of the main cast is a favorite actor of mine, Peter Sellers.


A brilliantly portrayed vision of a nuclear threat during the Cold War where mister Sellers plays three characters; Captain Lionel Mandrake, The President of the United States and Dr. Strangelove. An intense story told by the golden age of cinema.


The reason why classics are immortal is because, unlike today, they didn’t have CGI and big editing softwares, so making a good movie required extra efforts on the story, dialogue and acting. Today, most directors and producers get cocky with special effects.

This movie is great, and it surely deserves to be in the list of the movies to watch before we die. A sure A+.

~ A. H. Amin


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