Serial killer me…


I was working on a fixed bridge for my friend when a colleague of mine happened to be there with his smart phone.
This is how you look at us through your irrational fearful binoculars. But the truth is, we are more like this.


Enjoy the weekend. And if you don’t want to be a victim of mine, brush your teeth. 🙂

~ A. H. Amin


10 thoughts on “Serial killer me…

  1. Hello Amin, 🙂

    The first picture is pretty scary. Lol
    But the second one is how my dentist is. Friendly and funny yet you can’t really respond with your mouth wide open. 🙂

    I always look after my teeth…they will be with me for a very long time, I hope? Lol

    You look well. Hugs Paula xx

  2. Dentists use to be quite scary thought for me after all my childhood memories about some experiences are better to be forgotten. But already for some years I have found the most fun and nicest dentist (the same vibe I get from your 2nd photo – the 1st one I don’t believe anyway!) so…life is wonderful! 🙂

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