Adam Goldfish incarnation…


That is correct… fate presented me with the exact (if not more) portrait of one of my own imaginary creation. Jessica Cox is a true testament of human’s strong will and power. Born with a congenital defect, she adapted herself to live her life without her arms by her side like an average person, yet, she became above average in all standards, having a driver’s license to drive a normal and unmodified car, she is the world’s first licensed pilot, she is also a certified scuba diver, and she has two black belts in taekwondo; with her own will, she grew her own arms, her own wings, her own gills, and her own… well, extra strong legs I’d say.

Adam Goldfish is a fictional character who sometimes I wished he was real, like my other character, Hassan. The former was imprisoned for thirteen years, and during those years, he lost both his arms and willed himself to keep going and adapt no matter what. He is someone I would like to meet, just like Jessica, the incarnation of my character.

Oh… and she has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology… so I’d say she has a little bit of Hassan in her too.







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The Werewolf Dentist And The Vampire Patient…

A patient misheard me yesterday and she shut her jaws and bit my hand. For some reason, I made some noise that can only be described as a minute howl… all it took is my colleague to say ‘Now you’ll turn and become one of the patients’ and my imagination was unleashed. I hope you’ll enjoy this little portrait that I painted with letters.


It was late at night, and Dr. Woolsey just made sure his last patient would get out with a Hollywood smile on her. The reception had no more patients.

‘I think that’s it for the day, Renny!’ doctor Woolsey said out loud from where he was, inside his office. His receptionist, Renny, placed the final case’s data on her computer. She saw her reflection on the screen when her PC went off… she only saw her reflection. Getting her own bag, she turned and met what she couldn’t spot earlier. A tall, pale man, grim, in every way imaginable, as death, he wore a pitch black long coat that only made his face clearly pale in contrast. She almost shout out, when suddenly.

‘I smelled him… don’t worry’ Dr. Woolsey told his Nurse.

‘So what do I owe you the pleasure, Odol?… oh, and you can leave now if you want.’ Renny didn’t wait for him to say that twice.

 ‘My canine is broken’ Odol said… his words came from Woolsey’s back, when the latter turned around he couldn’t find him, Odol moved too fast.

‘I’m already on the chair!’ he heard Odol in his head.

Humans can heal and regenerate, vampires do it a lot faster, but they can’t, like humans, bring back their lost permanent teeth. They eventually needed dentists.

Odol opened his mouth to reveal his case.

‘So you are an Interview With A Vampire kind.’ Woolsey said while using his mirror to survey everything inside.

‘What do you mean by that?’ he asked, the words came out wobbling because he said it with his mouth wide open, but it reached Woolsey’s ears. Woolsey pointed at the poster he had on the wall.



‘That is a good way to classify our ki…’ ‘Shhh,’ Woolsey interrupted, placing his impression trey inside Odol’s mouth ‘you can’t talk now’

‘Nice try’ he heard Ozol, who is now using his telepathic ability to speak to his mind ‘by the way, your nurse has a very beautiful neck… I think I’ll give her a visit later today’ he spoke to Woolsey’s mind.

‘She’s mine’ Woolsey replied. Odol felt the animal side in Woolsey. And then it dissipated away. Odol felt relieved.

‘You look bad’ Woolsey said.

‘I wouldn’t know… I have no reflection’ Odol replied ‘so how are you going to help me?’

‘Implant’ Woolsey replied.

‘You know I heal very fast, you won’t have time to place your implant after you drill me’

‘It’s a special implant made for your kind… some humans see business in anything. They created a garlic coated implant just for your kind’

‘So I guess they charge more for the extra garlic?’ Odol said telepathically.

 Odol had his final implant, what should have taken months only took him hours thanks to Odol’s supernatural ability. Getting out, Odol took another whiff from the reception area.

‘I got your scent’ he told him self.

‘And what will you do about it?’ Woolsey spoke, who heard what Odol said through his heightened hearing.

‘I want to try my new teeth if you don’t mind’ Odol grinned.

‘She is mine… you won’t have her… she’s my prey and I want her’

Odol knew Woolsey had to have one every month, where the moon takes over all his senses. He felt Woolsey turning.

‘You can not out run me, and it is night… your pathetic attempt to have my prey before I do is nothing but a waste of your thoughts’

Odol waited a second, he felt the animal dissipate again. Woolsey spoke calmly to him.

‘You are right… it is dark, and there is no sun outside’ Odol looked inside Woolsey’s mind, and he read what the latter’s mouth didn’t say.

‘But I already have my own sun here’.

With a press of a button, UV light came from all angles of the room, blinding Woolsey, and killing Odol. In the end, Odol exploded.

Woolsey looked at where Odol was. And then he suddenly started to feel himself getting weaker and weaker… he felt a strong headache. The implant Odol had had went through Woolsey’s head when the former exploded… but why?? I am immortal… why am I dying?? He thought… but then came his answer. The implant… it’s silver coated to reduce infection risk… but vampires don’t get infected… they are immortals… humans… they see profit everywhere… why else would they add silver like they do for humans… to have us pay more.

Woolsey fell on the floor, centuries of his life drained away… both of them died… for humans, and by humans.


~ A. H. Amin

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For a laptop

Life is summed up as Ying Yang, the good in the bad and the bad in the good… You see a glass half empty I see a glass half full, but no matter how much I try to ignore it, the other half is empty even though all I see is the full part, and there are those days when you can’t help noticing that empty and obscured part in the cup… Today, sadly, is one of those days.
I mentioned before once that I was robbed, and because of my previously bad sight (had Lasik Surgery) I thought he was my room mate carrying his own laptop. I even talked to him and he only stayed quiet. That event turned into a funny story… So I got robbed, life goes on. But today’s empty half revealed that sometimes life doesn’t go on for everyone.
A young man in my neighborhood got robbed two days ago… And he will never get to tell about it. What I understood from the people’s word of mouth is that three others robbed him and ended up murdering the young man… For a laptop… Just to get his laptop. He was only twenty three, five years younger than me. I started thinking ‘How bad can you be to do that for just a tool?’, then I started blaming the guy himself for fighting back, thinking that his life worthies more than his Facebook status… But I don’t think he ever considered it would be his last day, no one does. Maybe I was lucky to have a bad sight that day, five years ago… If I was able to recognize that thief, I may have had a different fate… For a laptop. But I guess it was not my time.
Bad can happen everyday and to everyone, with time, we may see the good that will come from it. I just hope there’s a half full glass for what happened for that kid. My prayers goes for him and his family.

I know that this isn’t the sort of topic that I blog about, but, to quote from Paulo Coelho.
‘The warrior of light knows that it is impossible to live in a state of complete relaxation’ ~ Manual of the Warrior if Light

Sometimes life forces us to glance at the empty half in order for us to appreciate the good.


Vacations and revelations…


Been away from reflecting my own thoughts lately; I was on vacation. Leaving work can be sometimes rewarding, giving my conscious time to relax… And you know who will be awake and working during that time? My subconscious. A light flickered and it made me change one thing in my upcoming sequel.


Revising the edited version of my sequel

The revelation came to me while I was revising my edited version which I have received from my editor Joanne… It was staring me in the eye. The title I have chosen for my second book of the Psychs series was Iblis… Which is Arabic for Devil… It had a nice ring to it and it served most of the purpose… But as I was enjoying the polished version of my novel a word resonated in my head… It described exactly how I’m seeing this novel, what makes it what it is, and the hidden message and meaning that it had. So that’s why I have renamed my soon to be out novel. The second book of my series will be known as…. ‘Devilish‘.

Another good news is this


I have sent almost a week ago more than 200 copies of Psychs to be distributed in six countries. A big win for me.

Glad to be back, hope to read and write more in the coming days. Until then, I’m in the mood to watch Harry Potter. 🙂