Zenobian Coffee…?

I have been known among my family and friends to have the weirdest and most imaginative dreams, but they always appeared real to me until I wake up and compare it with the world that I live in. I see what’s wrong with the picture illustrated by my dream when I replay the scenes in my mind’s eye. There are those dreams that show my life in a surreal way that I can relate to in my recent or further away times… but, and this is rarely an occurrence for me, there are those very erratic dreams that shows some residue in the future… This is the first time in my life that I had decided to follow such a dream.

Days ago, I have had a dream, a normal dream in a normal like world. I was inviting someone for a coffee, someone who I have never met before but in my dream, he was a new colleague of mine. I ordered black coffee and he ordered… Zenobian Coffee… In my dream, I was someone who had never heard of such a drink so I decided to change my order. Now that was the only thing I could have remembered about my dream, the reason why is this; at the same day in the real world, I was picking up from where I left my trivia game… when I hit start, guess what was the first question…?

‘Queen Zenobia was taken as a hostage to…?’

Queen Zenobia? Zenobian Coffee?? Some strong coincidence it was… too strong it got me curious.

I started with the order of appearance… I searched Zenobian Coffee… I came across a commercial of a real coffee product called Zenobian Coffee, it managed to get me off the screens to make some for me.

I started to read about the Queen and I became impressed by her; a 3rd century queen from Roman Syria who had led a revolt against the Roman Empire and had expanded her empire by conquering Egypt. No one knows permanently of her fate, there were only speculations, the last thing known of her was that she became a Roman hostage. I didn’t venture more because there wasn’t much to look through, not unless I have a biography or read a scholar paper of Queen Zenobia.



One last search led me to a Swedish ship that have capsized and is now a wreck diving site… it is close by where I am right now… maybe I will check it out one day, who knows?

All those items in the agenda are closer to indulge through; the coffee, the queen, the ship… but what I did learn was how curious I am… it was the same curiosity that led me to write Kima, my short fictional novel with an idea that flickered in my mind when I decided to read about beached whales. I guess the whole point of this post is to argue about how curiosity killed the cat… I believe curiosity can sometimes lead you to something that can eventually immortalize you.


~ A. H. Amin

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  1. sophifrost · December 17, 2013

    Curiosity killed the cat – but satisfaction brought it back. Totally cool post – loved the video!

    • ahamin · December 20, 2013

      Thanks. Nothing better to revive the creative mind than being curious 🙂

  2. Kelsey Ketch · December 17, 2013

    Awesome post! I love what you found based on your dream. The video is a lot of laughs and I loved the links to the queen and ship.
    Dreams are intriguing things. I never have good dreams–never did–but I always try to absorb their complexity and meaning.

    • ahamin · December 20, 2013

      I’m glad you were amused.
      You are the first person to tell me that they Never have a good dream, but it is good how you deal with them.
      Have a good Real life 🙂

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