Life portrayed for explanation in many colors for our imagination to comprehend. One illustration depicts life as a sturdy current, so powerful, to go against it will break you. This is the story of a person who simply stopped, thinking by doing so, his problems will vanish.

     Being an only child, Sammy became accustomed to the solitary life, he didn’t waste time bonding with anyone. Every once in a while, his eyes would spot a glimpse of a shadow in his apartment, forcing him to get up to find nothing. He got used to it eventually, but had he known better, he would have placed more thoughts to it, it would at least made him avoid the mad result.

     Soundless in his bed, Sammy’s sleep got interrupted. He got up to see what’s the cause. Approaching what he thought was the kitchen, he halts, looking in confusion at a dark room. Something dropped from above; a rope with a noose end. Suddenly, he got pushed from behind. The rope tightened on his neck as he fell. Placing his hand on it, he started to breath hard.

     Opening his eyes, he found himself on his bed holding his blanket, subconsciously chocking himself with it. His heart knocked hard.

‘Why this is happening?’ He said. He wanted to talk to someone, but he had no one to confide. His life of isolation came back, a film playing in his mind. Every time his parents fought, he locks himself in his room, every time the world is grey, he goes to darkness.

Is dark better than grey? He thought. Anything is better than darkness.

Looking back to his bed, he found himself dead after he had chocked himself. The image forced him out of his nightmare… and back to his grey life.

This is the 300 words story I have promised to write on short notice after the Vice Dean of dentistry had asked me to write one for a competition held in our university. I hope you had somewhat enjoyed this little drop of literature and I hope it has also helped to inspire.

~ A. H. Amin

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