10 interesting confusions

It’s cold today, and I’m out of hot chocolate… So how about a brain tease to warm you up?


1- Can you cry under water?
2- Do fishes ever get thirsty?
3- Why it is called building when it’s already been built?
4- If a poison’s date expires, is it more poisonous or less poisonous?
5- Why don’t birds fall off the trees when they sleep?
6- “I love you” is not a question, then why does it need an answer?
7- Why does round pizza come in square boxes?
8- Why doesn’t glue sticks to its bottle?
9- Camera lenses are round, so why the pictures are square?
10- If money doesn’t grow on trees, why banks have branches?

Feel free to join in by adding some of your own questions



  1. sophifrost · January 16, 2014

    If this is the result of running out of Hot Chocolate, Swiss Miss could go out of business. Very thought provoking questions, A.H.Amin. I will ponder these over my mini marshmallows.

    • ahamin · January 16, 2014

      Mmmmmm…. Mini marshmallows.
      Brought more chocolate now, so the Swiss Miss is saved… My brain is numb though…

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