My Day In Photos


I’ve always been curious about the daily lives of others who are living remotely away from where I am, not because I’m nosy, but because in my core – and this is true about me – I believe that there should be friends for me in every place in the world as a way of balance between the diverse, a connection that helps us to learn what stereotype education had managed to blur… To learn about each other’s normal, dorky, cool or corky lives.
I have planned to place this blog post as a tag type of post, where people could share a day in photos with their readers, so I hope if this goes well, everyone would participate. No rules, after all, it’s your day.

Here is what I wake up to everyday


This is called the Fortune Meter, and it serves two purposes. One… It helps sober me out of my sleepy status, for it takes great concentration to not hit the wall… Or my feet… Which is why I brought the magnetic kind instead of the needle one.
The second purpose is the reason why I call it the Fortune Meter. The better I do, the more fortunate I would feel today… Another reason not to buy the needle type, because I would be so bumped if I got my leg pierced that day. Also, I am calling it the needle type because I honestly don’t know the actual term, but I don’t care, I did well today on the gauge.


Wore my shirt of the day…. What do you mean you don’t get it?! Oh… Right… Explanation time. You see, elephant in Arabic language is pronounced ‘Feel’… Pop quiz!! Complete the following ‘I ……. Great.’


The dental clinics building… I bet most of you thought I worked in a medieval dungeon, but no. It is a pleasant place to work at.


Not sure if I’m doing root canal treatment or giving birth.


That went well I hope. Hard part is done. Time to name the baby.


On the way out, I decided to take a picture of a colleague of mine, and here’s why… He is a Doppelgänger; a person who looks exactly like a friend of mine, who lives in Dubai. Couldn’t find a picture to compare, the latter haven’t been social for a while. Maybe he got married?? 😀


Near the Nile. I went for a coffee with a colleague. He asked me to come since I’m leaving this week for a short vacation and he wanted to say goodbye.


So I’m back home where I keep it messy. Here is a picture of me working, doing the other thing I like to do, which is writing. I am preparing for my next and third installment of the Psychs series, following Iblis ‘Arabic for Devil’ which is entitled $(:/)$@(::/…. Sorry, I guess it’s to early to announce the name. 😀


This is me wanting to kill myself after I did insanity workout. My body is so burning right now.


I am a fan of video games… Who am I kidding, I live for it. Everyday I sit and live the adventures that I like to experience. I find it very inspiring and helpful.


Here’s my sleeping pill… Although the book is too good, it is actually keeping me up.

So as you can see, today was a boring day… But if it was someone else’s I would have enjoyed knowing about it. I am going to have a week worth of vacation, I will be sure to share that with you all. I hope I have amused you today with this uncharted life of mine. Hope to see yours and read about it.

A. H. Amin


A Letter To 17 Years Old Me…



There is one question that will always resonate in our minds… What if things were different?… What if I had pursued a different career, a different love affair, a different life? Where would we end?



Life is a straight current with one destination to row towards, but maybe, just maybe, there is a way back through the air… with the internet technology that travels through space with the speed of light, I may be able to answer myself when I was seventeen… why seventeen?? Because it was the year, in my memories, where I chose what led me to exactly where I am sitting right now, eleven years later.





Dear me,

In case you don’t think I am real, here are some hints that only you can understand.

– When you were a kid, you called neck ties Lokot… and you still don’t know why.

– The first time you saw the first girl you loved was in your dreams, not in the day you met her in Emirates.

– You chose dentistry because your young brother wanted to be a dentist and he needed you with him (P. S. He betrays you and becomes a mechanical engineer)

Now that I have your attention, allow me to tell you some things you may find weird in your future.

You will become a dentist… eventually. But did you know that you will also be a writer?? A published one, too. Yes, you are not a reader right now, but once you start college, soon, you will start picking up books from bookstores, and realize the magic that can be made through words. In case you were curious, your first book is a part from a series… a story of a man with eight spirits connected to him by the tragic event of his birth, which he will use for his advantage. And guess what??? You named the main character after your brother; you know… the one you always tried to copy.

You haven’t played the piano for a while… guess what, you will go back to it, I have composed three songs so far, the third one is still on its way, here’s to three more, kiddo.

You will start to say kiddo a lot in the future, especially to your nephews and nieces. How many you ask? Well, let’s see. You will be loved by six boys and five girls, one of them looks exactly like you. They wanted to name him after you, but you played the shy card and said no… dumb ass.

How is your romance life in 2014?? Well you have non… and I don’t believe I will ever find it ever again… and stop believing in lov………… wait a second…….

You would not believe this… 37 years old me just popped in my facebook account… you don’t know what facebook is?… it’s alright. Anyhow, he says hi, he is now getting his ass beaten by his son on his new Playstation 6… oh my… he named him Adam. He named him after my favorite character in my series.

Well you can forget about my love advises; I guess I am still as ignorant about life as you are now.

I guess all I can say is, take care of yourself, and don’t worry, your choices, successes and failures were the results of who I am now… remember… you can stumble, but it’s alright if you are stumbling while walking in the right way… see, you will be a good writer 🙂

All the best, kiddo.

A. H. Amin

Happy Valentine’s Day

This a day I celebrate with great enthusiasm because it is also the day of my mom’s birthday. Unfortunately, I am away from home working on my intern year, which with god’s grace, will soon be over.

Here’s a song which is in my opinion, is one of the most… not the most romantic song…. but rather the most amusing view on romance.

Enjoy it with love and laughter…

I’d also like to share this young, 6 years old, patient who fell asleep while I was working on him… If only every patient is like him, even global warming would be solved.


False Alarm


Too long have I been away from writing, which is uncanny since I always believe that to create is to have a purpose. Well… Every path created in life must have bumps… After all, a smooth sea would not make for a skilled sailor. I hit a scary bump and it was awful.
I have been sick for a whole week, coughing and sneezing and stuff, nothing I hadn’t have before… Or so I thought. One day I started to feel better, but still, the coughs didn’t go away, my chest itches too intensely as if it had been through fields of poison ivy. One day, and after the strain of moving to a new apartment and working at the Pedo clinic (AKA the clinic from Hell) I coughed up some of the life stream that runs in my veins and arteries, and it frightened me, I felt as if it was pouring at the Styx, and that my life will eventually be floating on that river.
Before I go on, I am fine now, it turns out that my nose was congested, and the blood capillaries were too fine they smuggled some of the red cells out and back to my throat. But that false alarm did say much about me, it had also taught me. I sometimes imagine that if I had less time, I would write faster, instead, I stopped writing and allowed my fears to come in between the things I love the most.
I am a big fan of David Gemmell, an author of heroic fantasy and one of my all time favorite writers. I will always admire how he started his first and most epic story, Legend. He was diagnosed with Cancer… Inspired by his disease, he wrote his novel, using his researches on his disease and transformed the medical knowledge metaphorically to create his epic fantasy. Well… Guess what, he found out later that he was misdiagnosed, and thus, the Drenai Saga started.
We shouldn’t let bumps on the path to our purpose be a hinderance, We should overcome them. Living is all about stumbling once in a while… But we should at least stumble while going in the right direction. In the end, I leave you with one thought and a picture that says it all.
“Happiness is a Choice” remember that everyone.