False Alarm


Too long have I been away from writing, which is uncanny since I always believe that to create is to have a purpose. Well… Every path created in life must have bumps… After all, a smooth sea would not make for a skilled sailor. I hit a scary bump and it was awful.
I have been sick for a whole week, coughing and sneezing and stuff, nothing I hadn’t have before… Or so I thought. One day I started to feel better, but still, the coughs didn’t go away, my chest itches too intensely as if it had been through fields of poison ivy. One day, and after the strain of moving to a new apartment and working at the Pedo clinic (AKA the clinic from Hell) I coughed up some of the life stream that runs in my veins and arteries, and it frightened me, I felt as if it was pouring at the Styx, and that my life will eventually be floating on that river.
Before I go on, I am fine now, it turns out that my nose was congested, and the blood capillaries were too fine they smuggled some of the red cells out and back to my throat. But that false alarm did say much about me, it had also taught me. I sometimes imagine that if I had less time, I would write faster, instead, I stopped writing and allowed my fears to come in between the things I love the most.
I am a big fan of David Gemmell, an author of heroic fantasy and one of my all time favorite writers. I will always admire how he started his first and most epic story, Legend. He was diagnosed with Cancer… Inspired by his disease, he wrote his novel, using his researches on his disease and transformed the medical knowledge metaphorically to create his epic fantasy. Well… Guess what, he found out later that he was misdiagnosed, and thus, the Drenai Saga started.
We shouldn’t let bumps on the path to our purpose be a hinderance, We should overcome them. Living is all about stumbling once in a while… But we should at least stumble while going in the right direction. In the end, I leave you with one thought and a picture that says it all.
“Happiness is a Choice” remember that everyone.



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