Delta for Devil…


Name your book Iblis (Arabic for Devil) and you are bound to summon THE topic. So why have a name represented evil shared by many religions, cultures and folklores became the same name given to my second book? Let’s go through the high way to Delta and see what light can it shed on Alpha, Beta and Charlie.

First things first, here’s a two minutes and so video that I have created to tell the story of the first book, spoilers free. Through that short presentation we will learn that both our protagonists are at ease and have reached to a point where they can take a short breath. What will happen next is caused by human nature… but funny thing about humans’ is they are always influenced, driven without being aware.

“The Devil is in the details” a quote that is still unknown to who it should be credited to… which gives it a stronger impact. Our human nature governed – and sometimes manipulated – by our brains tends to relate and connect; trying to piece up jigsaws until a picture is formed. That picture can sometimes lead to our own destruction.

This is why today I am about to share another part from what is to come. In the first book of the series, Psychs, I have written this in the beginning.

“Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere… even in the same person.”

What will be the next installment from the Psychs series brings? Well, that is only a scroll away.

ib strat


Only two days to go for Omega; the reveal day. I am getting excited to share the cover with you all.

~ A. H. Amin

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Charlie’s Bit my blog..


Today’s bit is about how timing can have a great and crucial role when it comes to sharing your work. The first post; Alpha, told with images and emotions the story so far; through a video that I have posted to open the door that will lead us towards the end of this week… which would be the prestige date for the book cover of my Devil… or as I have entitled it using one of the many names given to evil; Iblis.

And yesterday, the second… or should I say Beta post revealed one part of the cover; the written part which we readers go through so we can, to some degree, judge the book and check for reader-genre compatibility… which is known as synopsis.

“My only enemy is time” ~ Charlie Chaplin. This is true… but with any war there are rules of engagement, and time, my immortal enemy, you gave me… well, time to recuperate… The delays and the constant work in the clinics had pushed away the second installment in the Psychs series, and when something goes against your imagined agenda, you get to feel frustrated… well… I’ll say this again. God has three answers to prayers; Yes, Not now, and I have something better… I guess The last two applies to what my fingers are trying to say in today’s Charlie’s bit. Time is giving me a chance.

Iblis, the second book of the Psychs series, will become a new summer read… I am aiming for a June release, and a July release worldwide. It is the best time for me where I am since June, July, August and September are the holiday Inn months, and if there is a great timing for my voice to reach ears which are no longer busy, that would be it. And since the title is also Iblis (Arabic for Devil) I think the elevated degrees will set a good mood for the story ;).


So what will I write about tomorrow; the fourth post for the reveal week (Also known as Delta)? I will write about the reasons why I wrote the book, and why Iblis as a title in particular.

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~ A. H. Amin

Beta As It May…

Punning my way into this post, I feel excited that I am getting closer to reveal what was hidden for a while; The book cover had only hinted itself so far, and with the Alpha post, I hope I made a big step towards telling my story. Can’t wait to see what Charlie will bring tomorrow.

Here's what went down on my last post... its only a click away

Here’s what went down on my last post… its only a click away

Today is the second post out of seven, bringing us closer towards the first look of my second book’s new cover. I believe that you don’t judge a book by its cover… that is true… but for some degree, you can judge a novel by the back cover. Which is why today Beta post will be a blurb from my second book, entitled Iblis (Arabic for Devil), which would be apparent on the back cover.

With no more options to venture through, Hassan will be left with only one choice; to flee and start up a new life, leaving all the ties that have braced his entire being. But some ties are too tight, when severed; it will change his balance and force him back to face a tragedy.

Following his leads, Hassan will find himself roaming the streets of London for reprisal. Even with eight spirits by his side, which are connected to him by the tragic event of his birth, he will feel outnumbered, going against the Minerva Group and its limitless arsenal of agents and brutes. Hassan will desperately try his best to stay out of their reach until he finds a way to cut his losses short.

But being too deep in the belly of the beast, he may end up losing more; his life, or even worse… his sanity.

I always try to choose my words wisely, because unfortunately, revealing more could somehow lead to spoiling the big surprise and the hidden cords that I planted inside the book to jolt you with shocks… In a good way of course.

Keep an eye out for Charlie… He’s only a day away.

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The Alpha post for the reveal week…

This is the starting post toward the Omega; the day where I will be revealing thousands of words trapped inside an image that represents my upcoming novel, Iblis (Arabic for Devil)… and since Iblis is not the starting point for the series, I am to reveal the Alpha book, Psychs… the first novel that started it all and lead me here to important and life changing ideas.

Today was intended to be one of those everyday TV shows cliché of “Previously on Psychs Series” Kind of read… or that’s how it supposed to be… but instead… I decided to make a movie out of it, giving my words a little music and some images to amplify the experience. So here we go.




With the second novel at the threshold of becoming a new summer read, entitled ‘Iblis’, it is only right to create a short movie explaining the story so far. No spoilers alert… I chose my words wisely.

For those who found this video intriguing and decided to get more involved with the series, here’s a link from book finder of most of the bookstores where Psychs is only clicks away in both paperback and e-book formats.


Please let me know what you think, and please share with those who might want to find a new read this summer.


You can see that I have placed some effort on it… future director in the making 😉


~ A. H. Amin

Let’s Call It “Reveal Week”, Shall we?…



So much for keeping a lid on that little birdie. Inevitably, it is meant to be soaring. So what am I trying to release from the cage? Well… It is a flock of posts that will be out everyday till the final and most important day; which would be this Friday.

Picture taken by Heather Cowper

Picture taken by
Heather Cowper

I have spilled the news about the book cover and gave a little taste by posting a cropped image of my to be released second book (third technically if you counted my free spinoff – Psychs 1st -). So I have finally decided to reveal the thousand words confined within the portrait that is my book cover… So why wait a full week for what’s clicks away from being revealed? Simple…

This week would be my last week of my long year working as an intern in the clinics… which was the main reason why I haven’t been pouring my creative juices and instead, throwing all my energy away from writing. But I believe God has three answers to every requests… Yes… Not now… and I have something better instead… I guess my prayers landed on the last two. Which is why I’m glad all the delays had happened, because that means that my new novel will be a summer read… vacation time… couldn’t ask for a better timing.

So in the spirit of my soon to be finished intern year… I welcome you to join me and to get more involved with the Series… I will be revealing something new every day till cover day, which for those who somehow skipped that, would be Thursday… For those who just looked up again… your brains is alright… I was messing with you. Reveal day will be on Friday like I have mentioned earlier.

I will also post the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 from the book each every two days. Just to give you a little taste of what is to come.

Can’t wait for Friday to come… those birds are going Hitchcock on me inside the cage.

~ A. H. Amin

New Book… New Website

Since the second book of the Psych Series is getting closer, it is only fit to create a new website for the series. Here’s designer me going at it using my Alienware laptop.


I will also share my new book cover soon in celebration of two events… The first is… Well, the book cover. The second is the celebration of my final week as an intern in the clinics… So I’ll become an official Doctor…. Ok ok… A Dentist.

So keep a lookout, for the second chapter is only wishes away. Feel free to place in some suggestions regarding my new website.
Wish me luck.

~ A. H. Amin

Googled myself today…

The word google itself is actually a number composed of the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros. And it is now represents the oasis of the digital world where people can find refuge from the desert of ignorance. And by each day, that oasis is growing into and ocean where almost everything you can imagine to learn and discover can be present there… it can also mean that it is lost too; for the bigger the ocean, the harder a drop can be located.


I have released my first book out there (not talking locally, but internationally) a year ago. My novel, Psychs, have been released on more than 30 online stores and only six countries’ bookstores, in other words, I tried my best to make that drop of information condense gradually to make itself apparent, I became busy with my intern in the clinics so I allowed the data to stew a little on its own… until today where I decided to dive in and see if I can locate myself by writing A. H. Amin+Psychs… I was not disappointed. I was deeply and especially moved when I saw a website called Words from life, where I felt touched. I saw it again too in Shiny Quotes and, of course, Goodreads. I have always been a quotes aficionado, and to see my name next to words I have written was the perfect boost for my day.

Another boost was having my designer send me the final draft of my new sequel of the Psychs Series, entitled Iblis (Arabic for Devil). Which means the next chapter in the series is becoming more and more closer to my grasp, my second child is on the way and I can’t wait to hold that baby in my hands, and hopefully share that joy with my readers, old and new.

So keep a look out for a book cover that may look roughly related to my first book… here’s a hint…


Book1 copy


~ A. H. Amin


Where was I..?

No, don’t wipe your screen, it’s not dusty, it’s just long lost, relic me. It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog, but now my intern year – which occupied most of my mortal time – is only twenty days from becoming a past experience. And I have the best comeback I could ever offer.

A quick update… I have been working in the clinics… yes, that part is true, a doctor… OK… a dentist… by day, and a writer by night. So here’s how my obscured life is… ‘Iblis’, the second book of the Psychs series, is back in production. I don’t want to delay it any more. The hunt for an agent is still on track, so until then, I am publishing my second book and hope it will get the same – and hopefully more – recognition from the readers and reviewers. And guess what… a book cover will be revealed, hopefully sooner than you can say ‘Really?’.

I’ll give you just a taste, a part from the first design which will be modified.

Book1 copy


More good news…. The third book is being written as we speak… I mean as we write… read… you get the picture.

The full picture will be shared soon, and I will be revealing more from Iblis (Arabic for Devil). I will post more of me stuff too of course, now that I have time to spare. Today I will go classic, just the way I like it, and watch an old movie. I am going to enjoy (Eye of the needle) A spy movie taking place in World War II, starring Donald Sutherland.

Enjoy your weekends.


~ A. H. Amin