Where was I..?

No, don’t wipe your screen, it’s not dusty, it’s just long lost, relic me. It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog, but now my intern year – which occupied most of my mortal time – is only twenty days from becoming a past experience. And I have the best comeback I could ever offer.

A quick update… I have been working in the clinics… yes, that part is true, a doctor… OK… a dentist… by day, and a writer by night. So here’s how my obscured life is… ‘Iblis’, the second book of the Psychs series, is back in production. I don’t want to delay it any more. The hunt for an agent is still on track, so until then, I am publishing my second book and hope it will get the same – and hopefully more – recognition from the readers and reviewers. And guess what… a book cover will be revealed, hopefully sooner than you can say ‘Really?’.

I’ll give you just a taste, a part from the first design which will be modified.

Book1 copy


More good news…. The third book is being written as we speak… I mean as we write… read… you get the picture.

The full picture will be shared soon, and I will be revealing more from Iblis (Arabic for Devil). I will post more of me stuff too of course, now that I have time to spare. Today I will go classic, just the way I like it, and watch an old movie. I am going to enjoy (Eye of the needle) A spy movie taking place in World War II, starring Donald Sutherland.

Enjoy your weekends.


~ A. H. Amin



  1. Kelsey Ketch · April 11, 2014

    Congrats!! Can’t wait for the full reveal. I already like what I see. 🙂

  2. Indira · April 13, 2014

    Congrts. How you manage all this surprises me. Have a nice time.

    • ahamin · April 13, 2014

      Here’s a secret… I’m not managing it well… but it gradually manage itself on its own. I guess it’s like Pablo Coelho said… when you really want something, the universe conspire to help you.

      • Indira · April 14, 2014

        Its a nice quote, I’m a fan of Paulo Coelho. When there is a will there is a way, always.

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