Let’s Call It “Reveal Week”, Shall we?…



So much for keeping a lid on that little birdie. Inevitably, it is meant to be soaring. So what am I trying to release from the cage? Well… It is a flock of posts that will be out everyday till the final and most important day; which would be this Friday.

Picture taken by Heather Cowper

Picture taken by
Heather Cowper

I have spilled the news about the book cover and gave a little taste by posting a cropped image of my to be released second book (third technically if you counted my free spinoff – Psychs 1st -). So I have finally decided to reveal the thousand words confined within the portrait that is my book cover… So why wait a full week for what’s clicks away from being revealed? Simple…

This week would be my last week of my long year working as an intern in the clinics… which was the main reason why I haven’t been pouring my creative juices and instead, throwing all my energy away from writing. But I believe God has three answers to every requests… Yes… Not now… and I have something better instead… I guess my prayers landed on the last two. Which is why I’m glad all the delays had happened, because that means that my new novel will be a summer read… vacation time… couldn’t ask for a better timing.

So in the spirit of my soon to be finished intern year… I welcome you to join me and to get more involved with the Series… I will be revealing something new every day till cover day, which for those who somehow skipped that, would be Thursday… For those who just looked up again… your brains is alright… I was messing with you. Reveal day will be on Friday like I have mentioned earlier.

I will also post the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 from the book each every two days. Just to give you a little taste of what is to come.

Can’t wait for Friday to come… those birds are going Hitchcock on me inside the cage.

~ A. H. Amin


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