Beta As It May…

Punning my way into this post, I feel excited that I am getting closer to reveal what was hidden for a while; The book cover had only hinted itself so far, and with the Alpha post, I hope I made a big step towards telling my story. Can’t wait to see what Charlie will bring tomorrow.

Here's what went down on my last post... its only a click away

Here’s what went down on my last post… its only a click away

Today is the second post out of seven, bringing us closer towards the first look of my second book’s new cover. I believe that you don’t judge a book by its cover… that is true… but for some degree, you can judge a novel by the back cover. Which is why today Beta post will be a blurb from my second book, entitled Iblis (Arabic for Devil), which would be apparent on the back cover.

With no more options to venture through, Hassan will be left with only one choice; to flee and start up a new life, leaving all the ties that have braced his entire being. But some ties are too tight, when severed; it will change his balance and force him back to face a tragedy.

Following his leads, Hassan will find himself roaming the streets of London for reprisal. Even with eight spirits by his side, which are connected to him by the tragic event of his birth, he will feel outnumbered, going against the Minerva Group and its limitless arsenal of agents and brutes. Hassan will desperately try his best to stay out of their reach until he finds a way to cut his losses short.

But being too deep in the belly of the beast, he may end up losing more; his life, or even worse… his sanity.

I always try to choose my words wisely, because unfortunately, revealing more could somehow lead to spoiling the big surprise and the hidden cords that I planted inside the book to jolt you with shocks… In a good way of course.

Keep an eye out for Charlie… He’s only a day away.

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