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Today’s bit is about how timing can have a great and crucial role when it comes to sharing your work. The first post; Alpha, told with images and emotions the story so far; through a video that I have posted to open the door that will lead us towards the end of this week… which would be the prestige date for the book cover of my Devil… or as I have entitled it using one of the many names given to evil; Iblis.

And yesterday, the second… or should I say Beta post revealed one part of the cover; the written part which we readers go through so we can, to some degree, judge the book and check for reader-genre compatibility… which is known as synopsis.

“My only enemy is time” ~ Charlie Chaplin. This is true… but with any war there are rules of engagement, and time, my immortal enemy, you gave me… well, time to recuperate… The delays and the constant work in the clinics had pushed away the second installment in the Psychs series, and when something goes against your imagined agenda, you get to feel frustrated… well… I’ll say this again. God has three answers to prayers; Yes, Not now, and I have something better… I guess The last two applies to what my fingers are trying to say in today’s Charlie’s bit. Time is giving me a chance.

Iblis, the second book of the Psychs series, will become a new summer read… I am aiming for a June release, and a July release worldwide. It is the best time for me where I am since June, July, August and September are the holiday Inn months, and if there is a great timing for my voice to reach ears which are no longer busy, that would be it. And since the title is also Iblis (Arabic for Devil) I think the elevated degrees will set a good mood for the story ;).


So what will I write about tomorrow; the fourth post for the reveal week (Also known as Delta)? I will write about the reasons why I wrote the book, and why Iblis as a title in particular.

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