Delta for Devil…


Name your book Iblis (Arabic for Devil) and you are bound to summon THE topic. So why have a name represented evil shared by many religions, cultures and folklores became the same name given to my second book? Let’s go through the high way to Delta and see what light can it shed on Alpha, Beta and Charlie.

First things first, here’s a two minutes and so video that I have created to tell the story of the first book, spoilers free. Through that short presentation we will learn that both our protagonists are at ease and have reached to a point where they can take a short breath. What will happen next is caused by human nature… but funny thing about humans’ is they are always influenced, driven without being aware.

“The Devil is in the details” a quote that is still unknown to who it should be credited to… which gives it a stronger impact. Our human nature governed – and sometimes manipulated – by our brains tends to relate and connect; trying to piece up jigsaws until a picture is formed. That picture can sometimes lead to our own destruction.

This is why today I am about to share another part from what is to come. In the first book of the series, Psychs, I have written this in the beginning.

“Good and Evil has no passport; it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists everywhere… even in the same person.”

What will be the next installment from the Psychs series brings? Well, that is only a scroll away.

ib strat


Only two days to go for Omega; the reveal day. I am getting excited to share the cover with you all.

~ A. H. Amin

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