Always wright your writing skills, it’s the right rite…


‘The moment we stop learning we start dying’ ~ (Michael Scott)

Do you start doing push-ups? Do you climb stairs holding two buckets of water? What means are there to weld a proper skill for a writer to gain?

Let’s start by reading, shall we? And by that I don’t mean what’s next I’ll be typing in particular, I mean really reading. Books, novels and novella. Reading a lesson is one thing, learning it is another. There are a lot of power points you can pick from reading, but you have to know what to pick up. The best gift you can gain from reading is your own writing style, trying not to copy an author’s but instead, try to learn how would you make it differently? How a scene can be better instead? What was the negative and how can you change it? Too little description or too much?
My advice is to read both old and new novels, old stories because, let’s face it, most of them are really good, the reason why I truly believe that is because, unlike today, there were no easy edits and other perks that came with the computers, instead they used pens and typewriters…. In other words, writing was really a tiresome process, so most authors won’t write unless they have something really good to offer. Reading new novels is essential for a good reason; to learn how writing has evolved, for the old writing styles were there for their own era.
So let’s see… How else an author sharpens his/ her writing edge? Well… Does a runner train by walking? My point is, write… Keep writing, read what you wrote as a harsh critic, and re-write what you wrote.
Here is something I posted previously that hopefully will shed more light on the art of writing.
My writing advices.


7 thoughts on “Always wright your writing skills, it’s the right rite…

  1. Nice advice Amin. Have any solution to my problem. There is so much on mind but the moment I take pen to write every thought vanishes. It takes a long time to write even one para.

    • I’d say go do something else… give a chance for your subconscious to form the ideas. Best ideas originate from there since our conscious is too busy with our reality.
      Your brain is trying to communicate with you, telling you to have a break. Listen to it. 🙂

      • I started forcefully at first. When I felt like not writing I leave. But I always keep thinking of it and say to myself ‘what should I write’. Suddenly, sometimes days later, ideas just start to emerge on their own. It happens when I interact with life, working, listening to music or just doing any chores.
        Eventually your ideas will come pouring, just live normally doing normal things and you may come back later after some air and blood had pumped their way through to your grey cells 🙂

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