Spark in the Dark, but for now it can’t… Bark??…

I woke up yesterday in the middle of the night because I had a bright spark of an idea for one of the books I’m writing. I wrote that idea in the dark on a piece of paper to remember later when I’m wide awake.I don’t know what I wrote and I can’t seem to remember what that idea was? All I know is that it’s important.



Someone explain the hand writing. Is it because I was too sleepy or is it because I’m a dentist??


14 thoughts on “Spark in the Dark, but for now it can’t… Bark??…

    • That should suit the part… meanwhile, I’ll have some tart.
      I can go all day in this spar 🙂
      Good Idea for a poetry post, to see how far we can make it… Dart? 🙂

  1. I feel like I’m looking at a ophthalmology chart. You’re really testing my vision here. LOL. Maybe “A-V-A-Y” for the first four, first row and “B-R-U-N-N” for the second line?

    A teacher once told me you can retrieve a dream you’ve forgotten by sitting quietly for ten minutes and reflecting on the night. Maybe that could work here, using the paper to focus your energy on the message and memory you’ve forgotten. 🙂

  2. we could do that -just as a lark! But I think we already hit the mark. I would so love to see a Quark, but reality is stark – and the rhyming is too much wark (work) LOL.

  3. It is because you are a doctor. No one can decipher what they write. I have not met a single doc. in my 67 years whose writing I can follow. Is it not the name of some medicine?

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