Diving for too long…

GASP!!… Now that I’ve regained my breath, let me illustrate for you the true purpose behind my long dive under the blog radar.

Dreams will always be a fantasy, unless we fashion them into reality, and as long as my worst enemy, I’m talking about Mr. Time, keeps pulling me under, they won’t be materialized to something palpable. Now, however, I have managed to emerge from my drowning state, so I can be able to present my most recent news.

I have been away for a while, turning every stone I encounter until I found my precious golden individuals. I have gathered a team of talents who are about to venture with me through our new journey. We are going to start a production company. You heard it correctly.

How did that happen? Well, the story goes with an idea. I approached my new book cover creator (Iblis) with a new story which I wanted to tell in a different manner than I’m known for; through episodic comic motion. Looking at his talent with what he did with my second book‘s cover, I was able to feel confident about the future of that project. But, after discussing it with him and his cousin (who is now our director of photography) they decided to include more talents in our small group. So after meeting with our professional team, we were able to tell that this new conglomeration felt right. So before we move on with our work, we decided to know each other through a small project at first. Short movie will require creating a new story, which I didn’t mind, but another thought shot through our designer’s head, hitting the right target. He suggested that we could start with a small commercial, which could be considered as a Minute Story.

So here’s what happened, we have approached the Kuwaiti American Football Team, who, thank’s to our aligned lucky stars, are on their way to play in the world cup this October. My responsibility is to create the idea of the commercial, to do the musical score and to direct the commercial. This Sunday we will meet to discuss the project with the owner of the team. Hopefully, they will respond positively to what we are bringing to their table.

Now you know the reason why I have been too quiet… because I’ve been too busy using my words elsewhere. Once that works, and after the commercial is out (and shared with you all 😉 ) we will hopefully proceed with the other project. I will only leave you with this… Project “Storm-bound” will be my next big thing.


~ A. H. Amin

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  1. Kelsey Ketch · August 21, 2014

    This is awesome! Can’t wait. 😀

    • ahamin · August 30, 2014

      It is. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been sick for a while, still actually.

      • Kelsey Ketch · August 30, 2014

        😦 Hope you get well soon.

      • ahamin · September 1, 2014

        Thanks Kelsey

  2. Indira · August 22, 2014

    Congrats and best wishes for your new project. Just few minutes ago I took out ‘Psychs ‘ for reread. Awaiting for your second book.

    • ahamin · August 30, 2014

      Thanks. I’m really happy you are visiting my book for the second time. I have hit a minor set back. I’ve been sick for a while, suspected TB. So for now, the second book would have to wait.

      • Indira · August 31, 2014

        OMG. But you looked so fit. I’m so sorry. I was also suspected for the same when I was 20. Nowadays it’s not a big thing, there are lots of new therapies and medicines.You will get well quickly. God Bless.

      • ahamin · September 1, 2014

        I really hope I would get better soon with god’s grace. Thank you.

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