The Last Weeks…


So this is me trying to go back in time, in order to prevent myself from ever getting this hairdo. The time machine is in Guantamo bay, which explains why I’m wearing this orange disguise. As you can see from the second picture… Mission accomplished.


Alright then, here’s the truth. I have been diagnosed with some sort of severe lung infection and it didn’t seem to stop from spreading until two weeks ago, and thanks to my brother in law, Doctor Khalid (his name means immortal by the way) blessed me with some elixir of life of a medicine. He was the one who saved me… I bought him a nice shirt for that… I guess we’re even, right? 😀


Here’s my doctor with his son… God bless them both

Everyone at a certain point in their lives encounter bumps in their journey, some bumps are higher or wider than others, variable in their impacts and effects, and some makes us stumble and fall, but that is fine… as long as we trip while walking in the right direction, eventually we’ll get to our destination. After all, a smooth sea doesn’t create an expert sailor.
I have been occupying myself with new ideas, one of them will be shockingly a new path for the river of my creative juices to flow through, and it’s heading toward an ocean under cerulean sky.
So… Let’s leave this blog today with something fun.
Here is my past weeks in Instagram.



















9 thoughts on “The Last Weeks…

  1. Even frightening maladies shrink before a good sense of humor. It’s nice to see you kept yours, and that you’re now feeling better. Thanks for sharing with us and I hope you’re back to 100% soon! Salamtak!

    • Allah yesalmak… Really kind of you. Well if you ever in trouble, when you worry you make it double 🙂 my sense of humor didn’t just help me, it also helped my family; they worried a lot.

  2. Hi Amin,

    First It’s good to hear that your on the mend, go Doctor! 🙂
    I have to admit the instagram pics made me smile, so thank you! 🙂

    Life is but one great big ride, we just have to make sure we get off from time to time. We need to sit back and take it all in and at times readjust the path we have taken. You have achieved so much since I started following you. Your family must be really proud of you. You may be single now but I’m sure that is only by choice.

    Hugs to you and your family! Paula xx

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