So we all know now what I have been up to lately with my story telling journey. But to where should my voyage takes me… to what frontier? These are the voyages of my Writing Enterprise… where I get to explore my ideas… and try to bring them to where no one has gone before. But then I realized that I should go to where everyone has gone actually, preferably in a place where they like to go to every year.comic con

Comic Con Dubai will be the birth place of my new comic series, Team Genesis, after settling in the wombs of my thoughts for almost a year, it can finally be delivered to the world.

This year, William Shatner, Karl Urban, Kelly Hu, Caitlin Glass and many other celebrities among great artists like Des Taylor, Tula Lotay, Claudio Castelliniwho together will shine their stars upon the convention, where all dreams are weaved into reality and everyone gets to experience those dreams for a while and become his or her own persona.

So here how things will be, I will be presenting two issues at the Comic Con Dubai convention, along with the first two books of the Psychs series. Also, in appreciation of all the great effort Comic Con Dubai is bringing to us story tellers, and in dedication for the recently departed Leonard Nimoy, I prepared a gift that will only be revealed at the convention when the day comes. So, if you happen to be at Dubai attending one of the biggest conventions in the world, I would love it if you could pass by and see what I got to offer… you can’t miss my booth… trust me on that 😉

~ A. H. Amin



  1. paulaacton · March 12, 2015

    Have a blast I can’t wait until I reach a point I can do a convention it looks such a fun thing to do

  2. Orpheus Eye · April 13, 2015

    I love William Shatner in Weird Or What, have you seen that show? You can watch every season for free on YouTube. The stories on that program narrated by Shatner are just awesome.

    • ahamin · April 24, 2015

      I haven’t seen that. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  3. sakuraandme · April 14, 2015

    Hi Amin,

    How exciting for you! To this day I still love comics and kids movies. Lol

    Hope it all goes well for you. Hugs Paula x

    • ahamin · April 24, 2015

      Thanks, but I couldn’t go. Will write about it later.

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