I collect to create a mystery…

It is sometimes a good self practice to go back to your primitive origin, if one is to start his or her soul searching, then following its roots will help jog ones mind to reach awareness. That is why I go camping to find comfort in the wilderness away from the redundant and mind numbing comfort of the city. It is a good meditation for both the mind and the soul trapped inside the body. And sometimes finding a small object can lead to an imaginative glimpse into the future.


I found this key buried in the sand, greenish rust covered it’s secrets and it was obvious that it has been lost for a long time. It gave me so many questions, thus it became an object of interest. And what is interesting for me belongs inside the chest.


This is where I keep my memories, my first letter, an old mix tape I created, my first girlfriend… Her picture not the actual girl… My first… Well you get the picture. This is a chest that carries a weight, and one day it will be off and out in the open when I’m buried deep down… Hopefully not before I’m dead. So I started to imagine the numerous things, some which would be embarrassing, but then I started to imagine what ideas would that key give? First of all… Will there be keys in the future… Will my grandkids look at it and think “What’s this for? Does it have WiFi?”. Will it become an artifact? Should I start spending everything and depend on that key to be the… Well, key to their salvation? After I abandoned the cheap ideas, I started to concentrate on thoughts with a slightly higher budget.
So here they are, looking at that key, thinking there is some secret room I have kept away from them. Do I have some treasure out there? Is it the key of my first home? My first car? What did it mean to me? Those are the kinds of questions I’d like to leave behind for my generations, items that proves I have a history, no matter how vague it could be.



  1. paulaacton · April 25, 2015

    I am leaving letters behind for my children, the idea came a few years ago when I had to go in for serious surgery that carried high risks, I wrote letters incase anything went wrong. After I came out I destroyed them but then decided each new years eve/day I would sit down and write each of my children a short letter and also slip in photos from the year past, tickets for things we had done together. Obviously I hope it will be may years before they open them but when that time does come it will ease their pain to relive the great memories we have created as a family. Maybe you could start your letters now, and this blog post would make a great first letter then in years to come they can see what a profound effect their arrival has upon your life

    • ahamin · April 26, 2015

      I’m extremely glad you are alright. I guess good ideas sometimes need a push to come out, in your case, a serious surgery. The idea of having yearly letters to share with your kids and grand kids will leave a great joy to generations to come. I hope my kids and their kids will be that lucky.
      I wish you great health and I hope all your photos are of happy days 🙂

  2. sakuraandme · May 3, 2015

    Morning Amin,

    The writer in you completely drew me into this post. I love the letter writing idea. Have a good weekend. Hope everyone is well.

    Hugs Paua x

    • ahamin · May 4, 2015

      Thanks 🙂 glad you enjoyed it.
      I hope all is well at your end too.
      Enjoy your week. 🙂

  3. Dr. Enas Tayyem · June 1, 2015


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