When it hits you…

I was born on July 1985, so when my brothers asked me today what do I want for  my birthday, my mind splat into two… a part ran on auto pilot and went with the conversation, while the other half screamed at the realization that this is the year where I turn 30. Now I know what most of you think… 30 is not that bad, it’s not 60 or 50. Well, here’s where you are wrong.

The reason why I started to view my coming decade in a darker scope is because I no longer have the energy I had when I was 20… and I lack the wisdom I should acquire at the age of 40. So this is the decade I am bound to face my obstacles, my trials and right of passage. I already miss the days where my biggest problems was this picture right here, where a simple solution would be a stick or a taller hand of an older brother.

I miss the days where my biggest problems was this.

I miss the days where my biggest problems was this.

The two parts of my brain merged back together and reason was born from both the optimist and the cynical. My mind reminded me of the many hardship I won against. My record is relatively good. So for now… I guess I’m going to ask for something expensive from my siblings… I guess some things won’t change… my family will be there to make things easier for me.

Here’s a song that I heard recently I’d like to share. How can a song about a negative future be so positive? I’ll never know… I guess I can relate… or maybe I will on my 40th birthday.



  1. sakuraandme · June 29, 2015

    Hi Amin,
    I love that song! 🙂
    I celebrated my 30th with friends and family and had the best night till I came home. I sat down and cried and wondered how I got to 30 and still didn’t know what I wanted out of Life. It was an early midlife crisis. Lol
    Fingers crossed you get something good! Hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Have a great time, oh and don’t cry! Lol
    Hugs Paula x

    • ahamin · June 29, 2015

      It is different with women… you live longer than men, so your 30 is 15 in men’s years. 🙂
      I must say you have aged gracefully, though.

      I’ll try my best not to cry… though I can’t promise my throat won’t be sore.

  2. sakuraandme · June 30, 2015


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