“Across”… A Halloween Story

There was once a young man, a desperate romantic. Whose favorite part of the day was a look and a smile from his new neighbor across the window, opposite to his building. This became the only thing he looks forward to; the daily moments of glances that gave promises of some possible chances. He comes from work, looks at the window until she appears. They interlock with an eye contact, and then she immediately breaks the charm with a shy smile and draw in the curtains. He tried more than once to meet her at her building’s entrance, but he was never such fortunate. He once decided to climb the stairs and knock on her door, but he couldn’t summon the courage to stand at her home and knock the same way his heart pummels on his chest, pushing on his lungs and knocking him out of his breath.

The man couldn’t take it, he felt possessed. He wants to be with her in any way possible. She would be hunting his dreams, if only he can sleep straight through the night like he used to. His feelings only kept building up everyday. This night, he realized he now knows exactly what color her eyes were; they were grey, resting warmly within her seductive sleepy eyelids. Suddenly, this image was interrupted by a sharp knock on his window.

The man didn’t know what it was. He heard it again. It sounded like a small rock thrown at his window. The man, upset, looked down and tried to spot a child or any other logical cause for those rocks to interrupted him from his sleepless dream. But there was no one, it was three after midnight, and the streets were empty. He slowly started to close his window, until suddenly, he noticed something. A figure his subconscious recognized. Across his window, the woman he only sees in the day was also looking through her window. It was dark, but he could see her sleepy seductive eyes reflected through the streets lights. He also saw her smile… that smile, it wasn’t the same shy smile he was used to, it was more… welcoming. And then… he noticed something. He could only see some of her face, but he could tell from the shadows of her figure, that she was not wearing anything.

The man ran across the street, and within minutes, he was in front of her door. He felt he was standing at the thresholds to heaven. He knocked once, and so did his heart, only more rapidly, almost ripping through his rib cage. He knocked once more, but there was no reply. The man was puzzled, he started to think that maybe he imagined it, that maybe the lack of sleep created this mirage of lust that could cure his thirst.He reached for the door knob and hoped for the best.

He had a great view of the inside of the woman’s apartment. He was feeling like a teenager, not knowing what he should do.

“Hello?” The man called. He was still afraid to find himself not welcomed, and worried he would end up in a scandalous scene. But… but he wanted her more than anything.

“Hello?! Your.. eh… door is open… is anyone in there?”

The man peeked inside. He looked left and saw where the kitchen was, with a knife on a wooden cutting trey. He looked right, and saw two doors, and one of them read.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time… it is our destiny”

Like moth to the fire, the man was drawn to the door that he felt welcoming him into his greatest wish. He was so hypnotized, he forgot to close the door of the apartment behind him. His hands were shaking with excitement as he reached for the door knob. He opened the door, a breeze of wind from the open window floated in.

The man looked at the women as she was turning away from the window. The man’s heart started to bound harder at the sight of her naked body… then it knocked harder, and harder…. and harder in terror. The woman was hanged from the ceiling, and the wind coming through the window made her turn around. Her face… she was… so happy.. that smile, that welcoming smile she gave to her death made no sense to the man. She killed herself.

“But why?”

The man didn’t understand, he couldn’t.

“Why this is happening… why is she so happy? Why she was always smiling at me?? What is happening”.

The man couldn’t understand.

“Why…….” and then the man noticed something… something was written on the woman’s stomach. A message for whoever sees her… a welcoming message.

“I give myself to you; my lord of darkness, Satan”

The man turned towards the door to run away from what is now a nightmare. Suddenly, the wind made the apartment’s door close shut. The man froze, because… because he couldn’t believe what was in front of him. On the door, something else was written, in blood.

“Accept my sacrifice, my gift to you, a sinner, a soul of a lustful man.”

The man couldn’t move, he was too frightened. The lights behind him turned on, and he looked at his shadow in front of him.. and right next to his shadow, was another one, a woman’s shadow, a figure he recognized and now wants to survive… and just between those two shadows, an empty place where a kitchen knife was. He couldn’t see that knife, but he saw the knife’s shadow, and it didn’t rest on his hand.


The End


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