First 10 pages = first impression

Hello everyone. Usually when I post something I tend to share news, a thought, or an experience, but this time, I am here to ask for your opinion. Now as you all know, first impressions are mostly… irredeemable, or as Will Rogers said, You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

First ten pages of a screenplay are like first impressions, because they represent the first ten minutes of a movie, which apparently is the time that takes us humans to decide to keep watching the story. 

So what I am asking for is your collective first impressions, not of me, though I hope I came out ok; If that’s the first time you ever visit my blog. I’d like your first impression of a screenplay that is now being circulated through script writing competitions. 

The thing is, I wanted something positive to come out of my country, because they are only showing negative images that mask the beauty of Mesopotamia. Though my story does not take place in ancient Iraq, it is something I want to use to inspire people through. I wish to show that we have people who have hopes and dreams, even though they are broken. I want to tell a story from Iraq that will get you exposed to our culture, our people, and our lives. Hopefully, if I can make you think “I want to know more” then I will feel more confident about the story I wrote.

So here is a link for the first ten pages from “Children of Mesopotamia”, which are available on the Page Turner Awards site.




  1. Kelsey Ketch · August 26, 2021

    Hi! Hope you are doing well. I read the ten pages this morning. From what I read, I want to know more about the film and characters. One thing I find confusing in movies, TV series, and even in books is when it starts with a scene from the middle then cuts back to the beginning. It does help a little if there is a time stamp (ex: three days earlier, ten years earlier, etc.) so I know where I am in the story, but I prefer things in chronological order.

    Funny that you mention that it takes ten minutes for a person to judge a movie. I’m definitely not that kind of person. When I start a movie or TV series, like it or not, I keep watching until the end because you never know if/when things might turn around. Only if there is something I really can’t handle, like way too much blood, then I might turn it off. But usually forty-five minutes (movie) or six episodes (TV series) have gone by before I give in. LOL.

    • ahamin · August 27, 2021

      Funny you should say that. I actually had a different intro with an opening shot that shows iconic places in Iraq before the cafe scene. But the screen coverage people said that those opening scenes are left for the directors to make, and that I need to change it. They suggested that intro for the screen writing competitions. My main goal was The Oscar’s Nicholl Fellowship award… just got the results last week, didn’t even progress to the quarter finals :(. Hopefully I’ll do better with the other competitions.

      • Kelsey Ketch · August 27, 2021

        That’s a shame. 😦 I hope you get into the finals of future competitions and win!

      • ahamin · August 27, 2021

        I hope so too. I worked really hard on this more than I have I work on any writing project in my life. Not exaggerating. I just hope It gets some recognition.

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