One day left to releasing Psychs: A fiction thriller


I’m standing on the threshold of releasing my book in another region. I feel so overwhelmed with excitement… with a little hint of fear.

That’s how I always know I’m heading to an interesting journey. I have always thought of it as if I am standing far high on a diving platform, looking down at a swimming pool, feeling all scared and hesitating… but once I leap in, I get this very unique mixture of fear and enjoyment, followed by moments of happiness.

That’s how life is, a platform to leap from, followed by mixed emotions… but in the end, as we get to land on our goals, we feel the joy of the journey.

I wish for everyone out there the courage to leap into their dreams… so they can one day call it a reality. And I hope to be able to share that reality with everyone soon.

Best wishes for all and for all your beloved ones.


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A lesson from an odd place… about Love

We learn lessons about life in odd places, if we only pay attention to what we see and hear, and if we are able to relate.

Here’s a lesson I learned from an odd place.


A professor in the Fixed Prosthodontics Department said ‘We can use mechanical principles to build up a tooth or esthetic principles… if you we choose one of them, we’ll realize that we have accomplished the other, as the natural shape of a tooth has the best mechanical properties’

How would someone extract a lesson about life from that?… I’ll relate it to one thing, the ones who have it can realize it… its love, with all its faces.

The love of a supporting family, the love of a close friend, the love of that special someone, it gets us off our beds, smiling, as we work our way through our long ongoing journey. Having it, strengthening it, working towards it will strengthen us in our other aspects of life. You succeed in love, you succeed in life… one accomplishes the other.

The one who loves me is smiling as he/she is reading this… the ones who have someone they love are thinking about them, and for the very few or unaware, we say to them. ‘Its out there, and it wants the best for you and for all of your beloved ones’



I chose Love as an example because I’m feeling blessed by it as I write. I hope everyone cherish those who we are blessed to be with, for my passion of becoming an author came from the passion of those who made me become their world.