Story-viewer (The Drenai Saga)

I am the tomb-raider of reviewers; I search for hidden and rare gems that deserve more appreciation. Today I will be talking about one of my favorite fantasy sagas, and in my opinion, an underappreciated tales with memorable characters.   Here’s where you can get all of David Gemmell’s books:… Drenai Saga Books (In […]

Who’s Up For A Summer Gift?…

Who’s up for a Giveaway!!! 265 readers have already registered within only seven days. Get the chance to win 10 signed copies of my novel Psychs in celebration for my upcoming book in the thriller series; “Iblis” (Arabic for Devil). Goodreads Book Giveaway Psychs by A.H. Amin Giveaway ends July 01, 2014. See the giveaway […]