My New Drawing…2


From nothing came love. The universe existed for the sake of love. When you don’t have it, you want it. And that’s how the world came to existence; it created what it missed.





First… Love became a thought…



Then…. the universe conspired in its favor…


And then they watched from the skies how they two sparkled on earth.

Where The Magic Happens…

work placeThis is where the magic happens. This is where I decide who lives and who dies, who gets the girl and who gets a broken heart. This is where I experiment, where I create villains and heroes…. hell, this is what prevents me from becoming a criminal master mind, the place where I lock up all my bright, dark, romantic, and funny ideas.
This is where I inspire, this is where I live in body and spirit.
Never underestimate the power of art, for it is a way to give form to your spirit.
Have a creative year everyone.
A. H. Amin
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Project “Follow Me”

A very inspiring and creative theme presented in the most magnificent manner. Capturing the moment, a picture worth ten thousand words.. all that is used to describe the art that is photography is being well orchestrated through this idea and it is still in play, continuing to bring us joy and longing to travel.
Holding the hand of his muse, the Russian photographer Murad Osmann continues to be led by his inspiration, and his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova in his ongoing journey. With her back facing the camera, she eagerly guides him through various locations across our globe. The exotic duo have managed to tastefully create and display a variety of exciting and culturally rich landscapes and architects through their clever set of images.
I have placed some of many of his brilliant works, you can view more through his facebook page or instagram.
Can you guess the locations where these were shot?



follow-me-murad-osmann-34 e00b828d25d6a2840cd1935e4ce4b369 follow-me-project-instagram-pt2_17 follow-me-murad-osmann-8 follow-me-photo-of-the-day-8 follow-me-murad-osmann-3 follow-me-to-photography-project-L-r_PMoI

Here’s the lovely couple in action… 🙂



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What makes me jolly


My keys to happiness are glued to my laptop, and lately I have been stuck to the screens. I’m preparing for my upcoming sequel, my short novel, and I am also translating a novel to English. I have been doing what makes me happy, but I got to say, I missed wordpress, blogging was the only healthy addiction that I know. It is always a good thing to have a place for your excess creativity; for every idea, whether it’s major or minor, must have a place in this life… And speaking of minor ideas, I have been approached by my faculty to write a 300 words story. They asked each from our university to pick one writer and the vice dean of dentistry thought I would be the faculty’s pen… Like I can have enough writing.
I would share my writing as soon as I’m done with it to get everyone’s opinion. They left the genre for me to chose from… So I’ll try to find something I can reach out to those who I’ll read it for… Oh that’s right… I would be reading it out loud.

Auf wiedersehen

Everything is permitted when we are creative… 8


With no shackles or strains to bind you, your limits does not exist. Just shine a light on your ideas, and see what kind of shadows will be made.


There’s no denying it… Books are the best form of story telling.


There’s a chemistry between you and your art.


Your art can inspire us to think differently


Mother nature likes to show off


Your ideas will put a smile on the frowny faces 🙂


Nothing is really broken if you know how to use it


Everything is permitted when you are creative… Well not everything


Nothing has only a single use


Art is the physical manifestation of the unphysical, a sense made from no sense, and a soul that awakens the soulless.

~ A. H. Amin

There is no Kryptonite for you…


The power to create characters and to decide which one gets to live or die… Or even reborn. The ability to play Cupid or Eris, tailoring or tearing the fabrications of relationships, that is the power writers withhold in their hands.
Never underestimate the supernatural powers of words, they can create and destroy, they have the potential to transform you, carry you through like portals to another dimension.

I’d like to say one more thing to me fellow superheroes…

‘Write, write, write and then write some more… The best author in the world could be out there but we may never hear about him or her because she or he was too lazy to sit down and write.

Carry on, everyone.

Everything is permitted when we are creative… Part 7

A cunning painting reminded me of one of my favorite and usual posts. I always encourage people to create art of all forms and it can be directed toward any of our five senses, the important thing is that it can awake our sixth sense.


Art by Robert Farkas.

Here’s something to get you inspired, a little waking up jolt to the artist lying within us all.


Nothing like a creative breakfast to get your art going


It looks better with a pencil…


He really nailed it…


Got mug??!!


Magic can spring through you when you allow it to flow out…


Creative plates for the creative minds… What piece of art will you create to digest??


Thanks to you… I am


Music is nourishment for the soul after all



All you need is an idea and one click


Show us how you see the world…


The world is your tools


Inspiration comes to life through the creative


The lips can direct your art to all your senses, and it can ignite the passion that is our sixth sense.

Did you feel the urge to create?
The artist’s soul is a very flammable material, so I hope I was able to succeed in creating a spark

‘Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.’

Reggie Leach

Writing my heart out…

I have been away for too long, 8 days without blogging can be ages for me. Having an outlet, a channel for your river of creativity to flow in is essential for our own mental health. Blogging is the place where you pour your heart out.

In the past days I have been busy in so many ways, my physical world and my mental world have been per-occupied with so many thing the dam I call my skull could burst,but not in an all bad way, mostly in a good way, some in a great manner.

I got out from my castaway island, I have been stranded since my internet got sick, now healthy as an ox I can mention the great news and the important things that have happened to me in the last days, something beautiful.

I’ll be away for a while, I need to visit my friend in the hospital (one of the things that had me occupied lately). I’ll be back for more, hopefully today.

Have a great day everyone.

~ A. H. Amin

Everything is permitted when we are creative… Part 6

Your mind is a universe… you can always spot a star in it…




Art has never been explained better…

Is your imagination that flexible?

Is your imagination that flexible?


Wouldn't you be curious to see what's inside its stomach?

Wouldn’t you be curious to see what’s inside its stomach?

save paper, save the planet

Your ideas can safe your planet…


You’d like to stand and look at it instead…

Art... it can tell you what kind of a person you are...

Art… it can tell you what kind of a person you are…

we do live in the digital world after all

we do live in the digital world after all…


A pavement x a creative mind = Art ²


Traveling is now easier and more fun…


Agatha Christie would love that…


The world has all the pieces… your mind is your glue…

You’ll never know what might come out from your head… so go ahead and try to find out…

~ A. H. Amin


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