End of an era…

My favorite idol had passed away, a man with great intelligence, with an abundant amount of grey cells who never misses a thing, no whisper can run away from his ears, no shadow is big enough to obscure what he notices… His own mother, Agatha, thought him to be tiresome, egotistical and creep… I can’t believe it’s finally over.


To me, Hercule Poirot was born on January 8th, 1989. I got to meet him on 1993, I was really into detective shows, so much that I would look for evidences and imagine myself brawling with criminals… But Poirot had opened my eyes to a whole new level of detecting, the kind where you only need to watch and read the signs; realize the unexpected… So much that he had helped me by inspiring me to write Psychs’ 1st… Which is a detective short story spanned off my series.
Poirot is the fictional character created by one of humanities most celebrated authors, Agatha Christie. Unsuccessful at her initial writing career, in 1920 she was first acknowledge for her first work of Poirot, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
I had the pleasure of reading some of Poirot’s most brain twisting and jaw dropping cases, my favorite being Murder on the Orient Express. The last episode of the very long running Crime Drama that is Poirot was an emotional roller coaster. The precision in portraying Poirot’s character was delivered in a wonderful manner that is not less than perfect.
Here is how David Suchet brought Hercule Poirot to life.

Being Poirot


‘Psychs 1st’ a spinoff from the ‘Psychs series’

Psychs 1st, by A. H. Amin

Psychs first is a free spinoff from the main ‘Psychs series’, available on Smashwords for Kindle, Nook, Apple ipad, Kobo and many other ebook readers.

You can download from Smashwords through here swlogo to read it later whenever you like to discover through 36 pages the story of Hassan and the eight ghosts. Or you can just scroll down and read it right now.


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