Our Light Will Shine By The Grace Of God…


125 dead, 147 injured, on Ramadan; a month where it is forbidden to fight. Victims from different class, and age; children, young and parents. United by a nation they try to desperately tear apart. There is nothing Muslim about killing Muslim children, our unity and love will prevail; the first civilization sprang from Tigris and Euphrates rivers more than 11000 years before the time of our father Abraham, it won’t be extinguished by the fires of petty terrorists, if anything our spirits will shine more fierce by the grace of God. Those who believe ISIS are Islam, they should see who they are killing before they say anything. My heart goes to the families, WE all lost our brothers and sisters.
Pray for Iraq.

~ Ahmed H. Amin

For a laptop

Life is summed up as Ying Yang, the good in the bad and the bad in the good… You see a glass half empty I see a glass half full, but no matter how much I try to ignore it, the other half is empty even though all I see is the full part, and there are those days when you can’t help noticing that empty and obscured part in the cup… Today, sadly, is one of those days.
I mentioned before once that I was robbed, and because of my previously bad sight (had Lasik Surgery) I thought he was my room mate carrying his own laptop. I even talked to him and he only stayed quiet. That event turned into a funny story… So I got robbed, life goes on. But today’s empty half revealed that sometimes life doesn’t go on for everyone.
A young man in my neighborhood got robbed two days ago… And he will never get to tell about it. What I understood from the people’s word of mouth is that three others robbed him and ended up murdering the young man… For a laptop… Just to get his laptop. He was only twenty three, five years younger than me. I started thinking ‘How bad can you be to do that for just a tool?’, then I started blaming the guy himself for fighting back, thinking that his life worthies more than his Facebook status… But I don’t think he ever considered it would be his last day, no one does. Maybe I was lucky to have a bad sight that day, five years ago… If I was able to recognize that thief, I may have had a different fate… For a laptop. But I guess it was not my time.
Bad can happen everyday and to everyone, with time, we may see the good that will come from it. I just hope there’s a half full glass for what happened for that kid. My prayers goes for him and his family.

I know that this isn’t the sort of topic that I blog about, but, to quote from Paulo Coelho.
‘The warrior of light knows that it is impossible to live in a state of complete relaxation’ ~ Manual of the Warrior if Light

Sometimes life forces us to glance at the empty half in order for us to appreciate the good.


I visited my grave today

One of my strangest posts so far, but it’s true. I tagged along with my older brother who’s here on business. We went to another city where it happens to host the final resting place of our beloved family. As we drove inside the graveyard, my eyes caught the names and dates of so many souls, dates that goes back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and to recent dates… One had 2013 on it, and I was curious about each man, woman and child’s stories. They were like locked books and the names and dates of births and deaths were the only synopsis available that made me want to know more.


One grave stone haunted me… This young kid…


I asked about his story, they told me he was on the way to a football match in the bus, he died in an accident in 2006. May he find the joys he so seeked for in life wherever he is right now.

We reached to where our lost beloved are found, in a place where they all lay close together… A place I know for sure I will sleep in one day. There was a strange mix of feelings, visiting your own grave that is. My mind played my funeral and I felt sad from the inevitable. I looked around and listened very well… There was nothing. It was very peaceful, just the way I like it. It made me feel better. Me and my beloved brother said our goodbyes to our grandfather, grandmother and the rest of the family who we were blessed with the brief times that god had provided us with them, and then we went back.


The future is ahead, and I’m still waiting for my permit to visit Ur, I hope you will enjoy it as I will when I post about it.

The signs

People are sulking around me these days, the news and the speculations with all the protesting that is happening around us is bringing everyone’s spirits down. Some of the people on my facebook friends list post the most ridiculous thoughts and theories and they really appear with no knowledge in politics, real life, religion… you name it. I keep them on my friends list for my entertainment (I know, I’m awful). But the last straw that glided and hit me in the eye while I was reading their posts is how many of them, and even before all the protests have started, think that all these… (( Bad things))… are signs of the apocalypse.

They think that our era is the one that is suffering the most, evil is really now around us. I hate it when people adjust events to make them more than what they are. I’m sure through history those people thought the same way and honestly, they were more entitled to think that way. I’m sure the shock of burning 6 million people because of their faith in the world war was a sign… holocaust should be a sign, right? When a nuclear bomb hit two cities in Japan that could have been interpreted as a very obvious sign that the world will end in the couple of years to come. Now people may see a natural disaster and they will think ‘This is one of the minor signs of the apocalypse’.

I say the moment will happen when it happens, no need to waste our lives and worries over this. When our time comes it won’t be because the last week have rained more than usual. So please live your lives as immortals, and cherish your beloved ones as if tomorrow you’ll die.

And now, I leave you with a little something to smile about.



The resonance of 911

Evil was not the first thing that came to my mind when things had started. I was 16 at the time, I saw an accident, an act of god.

Later a different story surfaced, that it was done by those who claim they are doing it in god’s name, using their religion as an excuse, a religion with a book that clearly said ”whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind.” A religion where they also had played with the meanings of the words and passed on those meanings for many, like the word ‘Shaheed’ … a thing one must seek… many say that it means martyr, someone who dies for a cause, while the truth is it means knowledge and education.

9/11 is a resonance of a lion, its loud, and one that can’t fade away, and no one expect that to happen. I want to talk to everyone not to say forget… what I want to say is forgive. Forgive those who have no hand, mind or heart of what ever had happened, forgive those whom their only mistake is they were born in another place not familiar to yours, forgive those who have no knowledge of the truth, but the knowledge of the lies their minds are feeding on.

Forgive, for if you believe in god or a higher power, then you know all things will be settled eventually, and the ones who were innocent, guilty, or just in between will have what their deeds will buy for them. And if you do not believe in a higher power… then I beg that you believe in the little one, our children, they see the world through us, let them grow in a much better and open minded environment, one that produces a good person… you may end up saving his or her life, and eventually, the lives of humankind.

My grandmother have left our world

I haven’t posted for almost a week because my family had lost a great piece that made us whole, and we needed time to clear our grief and sorrow that filled her place. I can’t think of her without remembering that every time she ‘s around, smiles and laughter were  always keeping here company. She tells the funniest stories ever and she gave everyone around us nicknames. I won’t share mine, it will be between her and me, and maybe someone special who happens to see her picture around.

Her name was Hadya which means gift in my language, she was a priceless one indeed.

May she finds the peace she always wished for us all.


An old picture of her, she looks like a classic Hollywood star

He showed us that the skies are no longer our limits

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong (Photo credit: NASA)

One great man produced by our world had left us. A man who showed us that our sky is no longer our limits, our dreams can be a reality, our nations can be united by a single event, and our journey, like any other, has an ending. He is now where he really belongs, with the stars out   there.

Rest in peace, may your star shin on others who will show us how we can make facts from fantasy.