They are killing me…

I talked before about me having an extra vacation before (A vacation within a vacation) , with my family, to meet yet another family, more family. More kids… and my god how cute they are, I can’t get mad at them, even though they did what I am about to share.

Yesterday, I woke up early, like always, the teens were sleeping, while the ones aged from 3-11 were awake, so they were all like ‘Please uncle… we want to go to the pool, pleeeeeeeaaase’. I couldn’t resist the puppy eyes, so I agreed, I do like swimming after all, I was a swim champ, I can handle 6 kids in the pool.

I know what you all are thinking… SIX!!! I know, those puppy eyes made me forget how math works, six in the pool was too damn a lot for half human half fish, let alone an uncle who just woke up and haven’t been in a swimming pool ever since Sadam was caught. And (me laughing right now), for some reason, they all neglected to tell me that they all can’t swim until we were in the water, in a pool with no shallow end, well… no shallow end for them at least, I was on my feet the entire time. I swear, they looked like rock climbing, not swimming, they were holding the pool’s edge.

Kids are intelligent beings, humanity will have no chance if they decided to turn against us. They all came up with this idea, to indirectly kill me. One by one, they decided to push them selves away from the edge, and say ‘Help me!’. So I went to the first one, held her, and brought her back to the edge, telling her ‘Don’t do that, its dangerous’ only to hear ‘Help me!’ again behind me. So that’s what they did, I felt like a ping pong ball. I was telling them to quit, they, for some reason, started to push at a faster rate. Reverse psychology was a waste of my grey cells. A thought sparkled, ‘Maybe they can swim??’ So when one pushed, I just looked at him… even though I didn’t find out whether he swims or not, I couldn’t bear to learn the latter, my body moved.

I found out in the end that they were good kids after all… no they didn’t decide to finish me off and give me mercy if that’s what you are thinking. They saw how tired I got and they decided to go back inside.

I woke up today, puppy eyes were all over, they wanted to go there again. I have only one thing to say… Thank god for Disney Chanel. They are all sedated in front of the TV.



P.S.: Couldn’t share pictures because I forgot my digital camera’s USB connector. Will do hopefully next week.

My over weight brother went to surgery

As you can see, he’s OK about it

My young brother, who is also the closest being in existence to me, did a Gastric By-Pass. Seriously, we’re too close we’re practically married and still going on our honey moon. Don’t be fool though by his humor and looks (cough cough weight), he’s the smartest person I know too… seriously, I should be his pet. He just took his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering (the only one who graduated with honor if I may add), and I could never be more proud.

His weight though was always a problem, and I don’t blame him, the food here is heaven. But it affected his back too much that the only way to lose weight is by going through this procedure.

I can’t resist not messing with him… he’s already on pain killers so…

I was so scared for him that I was too nervous during the procedure, and when the doctor came and told us it went well, I cried. I really love him, the idea of him being on an operating table really scared me. But he’s out, and I think his sense of humor multiplied, I think the pain killer is still in his system. I hope he’ll get well soon, poor guy, only water and juice for his diet, so I’ll give him some time before I go back and start messing with him… After all, I’m his older brother, its in my job description.


How stupid hackers and con artists think I am?

You’d think with new and better technologies hackers will get more creative with what they have… wrong!

I received this through my e-mail, I hope it will make you smile. It took me half an hour to regain control of my laughing body and type this post.

Dear Sir/Madam,
My apology as I am contacting you through email; it is because it serves as the fastest and more convenient way to get to you, I am James Francis from Florida USA I was the personal account officer of late Libyan Leader Omar Muammar al Gaddafi for 25year, before his dead last year 2011 he ask me to transfer a very huge amount of money about $20m (Twenty Million US Dollars) to a Commercial Bank in Malaysia (Chase Bank) for a twenty five story’s building he wanted to buy in SARAWAK MALAYSIA without a beneficiary name because of the nature of his country, since after his death no one has come for the claim of the money due to the fact that there was no beneficiary to the fund.
Now the Bank (Chase Bank) is asking me to present the beneficiary of the money that they need to transfer the money back to the owner since the account is dormant for a long time now. After going through your profile and that of your company I believe you are the right person for this job since your company’s business correlates with a kind of business I would like to invest with your company when the fund is finally transferred.
But right now my healthy condition and security in my country I can’t transfer this fund to my personal account rather I want you to assist me to receive this fund” If you would assist me with this I will compensate you with 30% of the total sum and at the same time invest my own share money in your company’s business. More details will be sending to you when I receive your interest response regarding my email letter.
You are free to call me for more information.
I love how he said that through my profile he believes that I’m the right person for this job.
I hope you enjoyed this, it really cracked my up.

‘A. H. Amin, huh? Looks like an easy one…