Zenobian Coffee…?

I have been known among my family and friends to have the weirdest and most imaginative dreams, but they always appeared real to me until I wake up and compare it with the world that I live in. I see what’s wrong with the picture illustrated by my dream when I replay the scenes in my mind’s eye. There are those dreams that show my life in a surreal way that I can relate to in my recent or further away times… but, and this is rarely an occurrence for me, there are those very erratic dreams that shows some residue in the future… This is the first time in my life that I had decided to follow such a dream.

Days ago, I have had a dream, a normal dream in a normal like world. I was inviting someone for a coffee, someone who I have never met before but in my dream, he was a new colleague of mine. I ordered black coffee and he ordered… Zenobian Coffee… In my dream, I was someone who had never heard of such a drink so I decided to change my order. Now that was the only thing I could have remembered about my dream, the reason why is this; at the same day in the real world, I was picking up from where I left my trivia game… when I hit start, guess what was the first question…?

‘Queen Zenobia was taken as a hostage to…?’

Queen Zenobia? Zenobian Coffee?? Some strong coincidence it was… too strong it got me curious.

I started with the order of appearance… I searched Zenobian Coffee… I came across a commercial of a real coffee product called Zenobian Coffee, it managed to get me off the screens to make some for me.

I started to read about the Queen and I became impressed by her; a 3rd century queen from Roman Syria who had led a revolt against the Roman Empire and had expanded her empire by conquering Egypt. No one knows permanently of her fate, there were only speculations, the last thing known of her was that she became a Roman hostage. I didn’t venture more because there wasn’t much to look through, not unless I have a biography or read a scholar paper of Queen Zenobia.



One last search led me to a Swedish ship that have capsized and is now a wreck diving site… it is close by where I am right now… maybe I will check it out one day, who knows?

All those items in the agenda are closer to indulge through; the coffee, the queen, the ship… but what I did learn was how curious I am… it was the same curiosity that led me to write Kima, my short fictional novel with an idea that flickered in my mind when I decided to read about beached whales. I guess the whole point of this post is to argue about how curiosity killed the cat… I believe curiosity can sometimes lead you to something that can eventually immortalize you.


~ A. H. Amin

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Hidden histories unraveled… Ur’s civilization and Ibraham’s house

Today I arrived home after having a journey back through time. I was in Iraq for two weeks. It took me some time to get a permit from the governor so I can visit these two historical land marks. The place revived the kid in me, it was inspiring how much curious that place made me feel about the Sumerian life and the life of Ibraham himself. Knowing that you are standing in the place where ancient kings stood daily to worship the moon and being inside the hall of the house of a man mentioned in the Torah, Bible and the Quran sent jolts of excitements that revived whatever was sleeping inside me.
And now you will get to see what I have seen myself.
Keep in mind that the last expedition was in 1963.


Witness the Temple of Ur. This place was originally made so that the king Ur-Nammu can get closer to his god, the moon. It used to be two floors higher, but time can decay what is left with no one to attend to its needs.


That’s me walking on the path of the king. That day was really windy so don’t judge me from my hair.


That’s me with my cousin, who is a history enthusiast just like me, he is explaining to me how this place has nothing but mud inside it to hold it together and that the place was protected by a draining system which I’ll be revealing later on.


That’s part of it, but where will it lead??
We’ll find out later.


A. H. Amin Jones


This would be one of two side stairs added to the place. I guess they thought ‘Why settle with only a front stair?’


Me standing right in front of the side wall. As you can see, the place is big, and if wasn’t for time, the place would have been higher.


Remember that draining system added for the rain I was talking about? Well if you just arrived or barely listened then I would suggest you scroll up then go down again so you won’t hurt my feelings, that’s how it goes, rain comes from the heaven ( or for Ur-Nammu’s knowledge, the moon’s tears maybe?), then goes out through what you are witnessing so it won’t hurt the structure that much.


I can’t help it, this place revived the kid within.


Can you dig it?!!


The back wall and an aunt… Wait a second, that’s me!!


I said goodbye with one last picture.


This picture may appear normal somehow, but actually it’s not.
I am standing under the oldest known archway in history. Yes, I know… Mind blowing.


This is what is left from Shulgi’s castle. Time was really aggressive with it, it didn’t stand a chance.


Now this is the tombs of kings, I walked their path, now I’ll get to see where did that path led them to.


This is where Ur-Nammu is lying. In front of us is his tomb and behind me you will find the tombs of the servants. They believed in the afterlife so much that they sealed the servants right there after the king has died, while they were alive, which is similar to ancient Chinese rituals… May they rest in peace.


Me and my two cousins


The king used to lie here.


I couldn’t get a clear picture, too dusty. So forgive me, but I couldn’t get the photos from the inside.


Here is where the poor servants laid to an uncomfortable rest.


Anyone reads Sumerian?? I found this stone while I was looking around.


Now here’s a sight for the sore and mummified eyes. The house of Ibraham.


Ibraham’s crib


I love this one… This is the kitchen with the shelves on the left. Amazing!! Here’s where Ibraham gets his food. Yes!! It is a big deal to me.


This is the rest room.


This is the hall of Ibraham’s house. What is it for? If only I knew.


This is a draining system for the house. I threw a rock and I couldn’t hear anything, it was really deep. As deep as the secrets our world is still concealing from us.
So I hope you enjoyed the little I have shared from our world. As for me, I feel really blessed to be there and to be able to share those places with all of you.

~A. H. Amin

777 Games… Sounds like an urban legend

My thanks to Margaret E. Alexander, the author and the story addict, for tagging me along in this game, it sounds fun. You can have a look inside her book by reading her bit here.

The rules are:
Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down seven lines and paste the next seven lines in a post. After that, name seven more authors to come out and play.

I wanted to share The Remnant in this game but I am on vacation and the only book available is Psychs, so here’s my contribution to the urban legend…

I started to walk faster until I was ten meters away from a fast food court that I always went to.
And suddenly, for the first time, the feeling was gone. I stood still, looked around and found no one as usual. But this time I was sure there’s no one. Then I saw her, a woman behind a glass window.
She was terrified. I was confused; she looked and dressed strangely, I didn’t notice it at the time, not at the first glimpse anyway.

I’ll be tagging these interesting guild of authors (no preference in my choice, and no obligation necessary, unless you want to see what the urban legend is all about):

Stephanie SayeCytreKelsey KetchShannona ThompsonLauralee AndersonWin CharlesJeannine Vegh

I know it should be seven authors but there’s one author I’d like to mention. Gina Lawless.
She would have been in the list but I haven’t heard from her since 3 months. Wherever you are, I hope you are in good health.

I added this picture as a bonus from my visit to Ur’s ruins and Abraham’s house, I hope this ancient marvel with buried stories inspires you to create more magic.


So many things to say and show about my visit over there, the last expedition was in 1963. All I can say is that I felt the magic, I felt like I have traveled in time and I can honestly say that it’s a must…

Ada Lovelace… Does the name rings a bell?

Well, it should. Ada Lovelace, Countess of Lovelace, is an English mathematician and a writer. Most of you would think ‘So? We have a lot of those these days’. So what would lit a spark in me to write about her today?

She was born on this day, in 1815 and she died at the age of 36, on the 27th of November 1852, she lived a very short life, most people who lived most of a century may think their lives were short, so they’ll probably think that 36 is but a moment spent on planet earth. But…

Ada did in her 36 years in our world something we can never have lived without our entire lives. You are surely curious to know what? So here’s a hint… You probably wouldn’t have been able to see this post if wasn’t for her.

Ada was Chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage‘s (father of the computer) early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. Her notes include what is recognised as the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine. Because of this, she is often considered the world’s first computer programmer. Let’s say that again… The world’s first computer programmer.

Happy birthday, Ada! Thanks to your work the world will forever be able to know and celebrate your birthday today.

You can learn more about her life, works, family and her final years here: Ada Loevlace

~ A. H. Amin



A new moment in history… ‘Felix Baumgartner’s Jump’

Here’s a new day where the whole world gathered to see a man ascending to the heavens, we held our breathes to witness a great moment in history not far-fetched from the moment a man first walked on the moon. Having that thought in my mind I couldn’t help but wonder if Neil Armstrong was up there with him, patting Felix on the shoulder and wishing him good luck.

A star descended from the heavens to us mortals, showing us how courage and determination can change dreams into realities.

God bless you, Felix, and welcome back to earth.

Read the full story here in the Telegraph, UK