The Last Weeks…


So this is me trying to go back in time, in order to prevent myself from ever getting this hairdo. The time machine is in Guantamo bay, which explains why I’m wearing this orange disguise. As you can see from the second picture… Mission accomplished.


Alright then, here’s the truth. I have been diagnosed with some sort of severe lung infection and it didn’t seem to stop from spreading until two weeks ago, and thanks to my brother in law, Doctor Khalid (his name means immortal by the way) blessed me with some elixir of life of a medicine. He was the one who saved me… I bought him a nice shirt for that… I guess we’re even, right? 😀


Here’s my doctor with his son… God bless them both

Everyone at a certain point in their lives encounter bumps in their journey, some bumps are higher or wider than others, variable in their impacts and effects, and some makes us stumble and fall, but that is fine… as long as we trip while walking in the right direction, eventually we’ll get to our destination. After all, a smooth sea doesn’t create an expert sailor.
I have been occupying myself with new ideas, one of them will be shockingly a new path for the river of my creative juices to flow through, and it’s heading toward an ocean under cerulean sky.
So… Let’s leave this blog today with something fun.
Here is my past weeks in Instagram.


















By The Heart…

Once there was a man, child at heart, but old geezer was his ways. Playful at the quad, teaser to the young ones around. He was Liked by many, but loved by few. And one night led to a morning, wide awake now, he cried at a reflection that was not in his image. Not able to bear the ugliness of what he sees, he runs and runs, in hopes that he will magically disappears. Wasted wishes won’t do, so a change of site may bring him some peace through the day’s dew. With war at his mind, he decides to alter his structure, hoping that in the end, he may alter that picture. Fearsome at view, but most importantly, quieter will get the viewers.

Building his rage as he tries to pickup his pace, he found himself running towards a child that leaks. Eyes red as flame, watery as the toddler speaks.

“Lost from my father and brother, cannot find one another”. shaky his words were, he explained to the man his dilemma. abandoning his quest to change his might, he opened his heart, for the kid in white. Cheering him up as they reduced the distance’s space, challenging him every couple of yards for a race. Laughing now, he spots his father and brother, smiling as they see us laugh with each other.

The man realized as he left them, that it is by the heart and not the might you can change one another.


So… that’s pretty much what had happened. I have experienced sadness from what I see on TV. I lived abroad but I still have roots from where I was originated from. And every time I look at the news, I feel those roots are being severed. With talks of ISIS expanding, I sought to build up stamina, ending up facing a child who helped me see things better. As the great Gandhi said, ” Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I am still writing and my upcoming works are my ways to change the world… well, at least change a single child, so he or she might remember that there is still goodness in this world when they grow old.



False Alarm


Too long have I been away from writing, which is uncanny since I always believe that to create is to have a purpose. Well… Every path created in life must have bumps… After all, a smooth sea would not make for a skilled sailor. I hit a scary bump and it was awful.
I have been sick for a whole week, coughing and sneezing and stuff, nothing I hadn’t have before… Or so I thought. One day I started to feel better, but still, the coughs didn’t go away, my chest itches too intensely as if it had been through fields of poison ivy. One day, and after the strain of moving to a new apartment and working at the Pedo clinic (AKA the clinic from Hell) I coughed up some of the life stream that runs in my veins and arteries, and it frightened me, I felt as if it was pouring at the Styx, and that my life will eventually be floating on that river.
Before I go on, I am fine now, it turns out that my nose was congested, and the blood capillaries were too fine they smuggled some of the red cells out and back to my throat. But that false alarm did say much about me, it had also taught me. I sometimes imagine that if I had less time, I would write faster, instead, I stopped writing and allowed my fears to come in between the things I love the most.
I am a big fan of David Gemmell, an author of heroic fantasy and one of my all time favorite writers. I will always admire how he started his first and most epic story, Legend. He was diagnosed with Cancer… Inspired by his disease, he wrote his novel, using his researches on his disease and transformed the medical knowledge metaphorically to create his epic fantasy. Well… Guess what, he found out later that he was misdiagnosed, and thus, the Drenai Saga started.
We shouldn’t let bumps on the path to our purpose be a hinderance, We should overcome them. Living is all about stumbling once in a while… But we should at least stumble while going in the right direction. In the end, I leave you with one thought and a picture that says it all.
“Happiness is a Choice” remember that everyone.