I wonder… where he is? What did he do so far? Does he remember?

 I was looking at some old pictures of my and my family’s childhood, old events and celebrations. I found my self staring at one image, an old image, searching my memories, not of the person in that image, for it was for someone I would never forget, I was searching for his name only.

Ryo, a kid who we shared a wall with his family a very long time ago… he was from Korea, and he was my first friend ever. He used to visit me everyday, he brings his toy cars to share them with me. The one I chose was white, his car was dark, one thing we did was driving them toward each other and just before they collide we swirl and make some car noises.

I remember the last day I saw him, it was just before the first gulf war, he was going back to where he came from. I was standing with my parents, I was crying, he was smiling and waving to me from the back window of the car as he was going away.

I’ll always wonder where he is now, and what are his accomplishments so far. Who knows, maybe its possible he’ll see my post and drop by. If not, well… I can only wish him well in his life.

‘Psychs’ is a best seller in Kuwait

I took this picture yesterday while I was passing by at Avenues.


Picture take at ‘That Al Salasel Bookstore, Kuwait’

Another at the entrance




It feels great.

Thank you very much to all my fans in Kuwait, you are really amazing. I hope my novel will find its way to avid readers and thrill seekers out there. But for now, Kuwait, and Dorset UK will have enjoy it before all of you.










A vacation within a vacation

We as human beings, not perfect but limitless, are bound to have that certain period where we get to shy away from our daily routine. I am at the moment describing myself.

I have been staying with my family for three weeks now, not sure what technology they are using, but they suddenly got multiplied. I am seeing lots of kids now, from my sister’s and my brothers families, and all of them want to spend time with the new uncle they are seeing, all the other uncles and aunts made a run for it, making me absorb lots of Kids dosage.

They are coming in different sizes, oldest is 15, youngest, a baby girl, will soon be 1 year old, who always stares at me for some reason. So I have been taking some of them out, either to play basketball or ping pong, or just baby sit and watch Disney movies for the millionth time. The only reason why I’m not mad and feeling the need to burst, is because they all love me, they run at me at first site, my 1 and a half year old nephew crawls as fast as he could when he gets a glimpse of me, calling me JIDO as he gets closer (Which means grandpa… I know, for some reason, he calls me grandpa), the ones in the middle, 2-8 years old huddle around me as we watch something, or play Au-no.

And soon, tomorrow to be exact, we will be traveling together, to Qatar, where our families will get even bigger… Oh Oh…

So I’m having a vacation within a vacation, hope to share pictures soon with you all.

Us wall climbing

Me and the Kuwaity Book Club

I have mentioned before that my new novel, ‘Psychs’, made the list in Kuwaity book club July’s read. I was really happy to know that my book will be shared with avid readers, but I was not as happy as I was when they invited me to discuss the book with them.

We started to introduce ourselves, two were first timers to attend the meeting. I loved the varieties of the members; in their ages and their occupations, and they were really amazing. The thing I liked most was how they really felt about my book.
‘We formed an idea of how the book would be before we started to read your book, but then, we found out that it was completely different of what we have expected… it was really amazing’ the founder of the book club told me. That made me feel like I was in zero gravity… I felt too light that I could actually float in the room. We discussed the book, how did I came up with the idea, favorite character, what was my inspiration, and then we just chatted about many things and had a good laugh. In the end, we shared small tokens of our appreciation, I gave them all posters of my beloved ‘Psychs‘, and they gave me special KuwaityBookClub book-marks.

All in all, it was really a very nice experience, one that I wish to repeat many times in the future.


Me and some of the members of the book club


My new book-mark

‘Psychs’ is this month’s pick for Kuwaity Book club

I have been noticed by Kuwaity book club that ‘Psychs‘ had just made it to their list of July’s read. It made perfect sense, because today (1/7) is my birthday.

Kuwaity book club is well known to pick two books each month, one in Arabic (not necessarily by Arabian writers) and one in English. They picked one of my favorite, ‘The Prince‘ By Machiavelli as the Arabic read of this month, and yours truly, my ‘Psychs‘ as the English read… I didn’t even blow any candles yet.

I hope they’ll have a good read with my action thriller, and I hope they’ll enjoy – as much as I did – Machiavelli’s master piece.