Celebrating our film selection

“OFFICIAL SELECTION”… That’s what’s up.

So today the fruits of our labor are finally ripe. We had worked really hard to get here with a very small budget, but with determination, with having the right attitude, and with the ability to be resilient against all obstacles, we were able to accomplish what many believed was impossible. Our Psychological horror movie got selected by the Independent Horror Movies Awards, a prestigious film festival in the United States of America, who have acknowledged our work and how it was made.

Callous, our independent movie, was a collaborating effort by people from different backgrounds and nationalities, including from Iraq (yours truly), America, China, Russia, Mauritius, India, and Somalia. This movie proves that people from different backgrounds can unit together through art.

“Everything is permitted when you want to be creative” ~ Prismal Entertainment CEO (also yours truly)

Check out the movie trailer on YouTube. And wish us great luck.

Callous Official Trailer (2018) Horror Movie

So finally our independent horror movie is ready, and we are celebrating by releasing a movie trailer. Here is the movie synopsis.


A girl gets shot during her trip to buy a birthday cake to her brother. Thinking that she woke up in a hospital, she will soon realize the horrors that she is into. She finds herself stuck in a coma; living one nightmare at a time with the end result of her continuously dying. Except with each nightmare, she learns something new. Is she having a nightmare from her dark imagination or is there something real and sinister going on in her sleep? She can only find out one nightmare at a time.

(I know… and just in time for Halloween :D)


Story-viewer (Loving Vincent)

I am the tomb-raider of reviewers; I search for hidden gems that deserves more appreciation. Today I will be talking on my youtube channel about a movie that not only has an interesting and a thought provoking mystery, but also was done in a uniquely creative way and wonderfully enough to be called a modern ninth world wonder. “Loving Vincent”.

(The review has English subtitle, so I hope you will get to enjoy it and most importantly be motivated to watch the movie)

I opened my new production company…

Yes… It is sudden news, and it totally explains why I haven’t been posting for months. I have been working with people from all over the world with our new movie, written and directed by me, which was filmed in Dalian city, China.

This is our production logo, also designed and composed by me. The project we are working on at the moment is a psychological horror that keeps you guessing. We are working hard to polish and finish up the movie. Hopefully we will get to share our vision together.


~ A. H. Amin

My kind of dentist


Lately I’ve been catching up with the movies that I haven’t had the chance to watch, Django Unleashed is… Was… One of those movies. When doctor King Schultz (played by Christoph Waltz) appeared with his dental wagon out of nowhere I laughed so hard.


I am a dentist by day, a writer by night, so I was really entertained when I saw doctor Schultz riding his dental wagon and using his silver tongue to polish the roughest situations to his pleasure. He was surely the star of the show, and Christoph Waltz, without a doubt, deserved his Oscar for playing my new favorite bounty hunting dentist.

I love his theme song… My new theme song now. (His name was King).

~ A. H. Amin

Classics are immortal

There is a list called 1000 movies you should see before you die, and yesterday I picked Doctor Strangelove (or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb) from that list. I have heard about it a while back, but for my surprise, I didn’t know that one of the main cast is a favorite actor of mine, Peter Sellers.


A brilliantly portrayed vision of a nuclear threat during the Cold War where mister Sellers plays three characters; Captain Lionel Mandrake, The President of the United States and Dr. Strangelove. An intense story told by the golden age of cinema.


The reason why classics are immortal is because, unlike today, they didn’t have CGI and big editing softwares, so making a good movie required extra efforts on the story, dialogue and acting. Today, most directors and producers get cocky with special effects.

This movie is great, and it surely deserves to be in the list of the movies to watch before we die. A sure A+.

~ A. H. Amin

Casting your characters

Every subject starts with a spark and some fellas with tanks of gasoline. True, sometimes the subject gets over heated, but it’s not necessarily the case when the topic is that interesting.


I had a fun chat with a college friend of mine who had finished reading my novel, who was also one of the people who led me to become a writer. One fact about him is that 70% of his body is made of movies. So he threw this topic on the table, we began spinning the sticks and a fiery subject started…. We began casting for my novel. And here are the results for three of the main characters; Hassan, Adam goldfish and Elizabeth.



I got to say, I had a difficult time with the main character, Hassan. I couldn’t place an actor’s face on him because I based him on my old brother, who is also named Hassan. Since my friend didn’t have the same bond attached with Hassan, he came up with the proper actor for that roll.

Joe Manganiell got the looks alright, but I like mostly how he appears when he is older; Hassan will get old at some point in the story, and Manganiello Fits my image of old Hassan.


Adam Goldfish (Shark)


Adam Goldfish is a man who was imprisoned for 13 years and was in his quest to get back even with the one who caused him to lose those years… and much more. He is what a shark would look like if you placed a drop of blood in his tank.


Speaking of blood, actor Alexander SkarsgardIs is an actor in True Blood, he plays a vampire, and I’d like to mention for reasons that will some day make sense in the future, that vampires… Well, they bite :).



Everyone emits vibes, and I am picking from Marsha Thompson an artistic aura that fits perfectly with Elizabeth, the first love affair for Hassan during his college life. She has the smile and the eyes, place a white spotted red scarf and hand her the paint brush and she’s good to go.


We started casting the eight ghosts but then the conversation became more humorous and it swerved off course. If you want to add to the list of cast, you can give your opinion after learning a little about them through here.

(Meet Sara and Emma, Jack and Reed, Chow and Joseph, Rod and Mason)

I would like to say that casting your characters is a really energizing and beautiful process to get yourself involved in. I would recommend all the authors to get into it, especially with a reader who can help second your opinion.

~ A. H. Amin

It really makes me sad what they are doing with movies and books these days

I’m sure many of us got disappointed with a movie adaptation or a remake of an all time favorite movie, we have seen the many novels that are out there in the market with the names of so many authors, yes I know I’m one of them, but that’s not the point of my post of course. So why it became harder to pinpoint a great book and have a legendary and not just a good movie these days?

Older movies are more memorable and better because, unlike now, they didn’t get cocky with special effects and the overuse of soundtracks that are either incompatible or exaggerated with the scenes. So in the old days, to make a good quality movie they have to rely mainly on the other and more important ingredients; the dialogue and the story itself. The harder it is to imagine and create the more juices pumping to your brain. A simple example from our lives is the overuse of a calculator, the more you do it the harder it becomes to do math in your brain (Which is why I started to play Einstein brain tester on my i-phone, which I really recommend).

Good old, immortal, days

Good old, immortal, days

An example of that is the movie Casablanca, my god, the dialogue, the story, the acting, if you died before seeing that movie then you haven’t existed in this life. If the movie Doctor Zhivago was done in these days I’m sure there will be a big, opera music scene where our hero will try to survive a very well CGI created bear and may even kill the poor digital animal, thinking that by this they will add suspense to us viewers… wrong!

I had this very interesting conversation once a very long time ago with a fellow blogger of mine, the Sweet and hilarious Robin Coyle, after she posted about old typewriters that were used by authors to create their own piece of works. The reason why older novels are great is because writing with those typewriters are really a very tiresome process  to go through, so if someone wants to write a story, he or she wouldn’t bother her or himself unless they really think and truly believe they have something to offer. Now it’s easier to write, so unfortunately not so many people put an effort with their stories to try and make them as good or at least as original.

Ernest Hemingway on his typewriter

Ernest Hemingway on his typewriter


Creators of all form of arts should have a better base to launch from, they shouldn’t label the hard work that made those movies, novels and other arts legends as old school, it is what should always be known as the write way (pardon the pun).

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