Book Review: Psychs (Psychs #1)

I loved what she said about my book, and the things she did not like wasn’t plot related. I’m glad to know my novel glued her to her seat.

Kelsey Ketch

Author: A.H. Amin

Genre: Adult paranormal thriller
Published: September 26th 2012
Publisher: Author House
Pages: 211
Source: Ebook from Author

Barnes and Noble Summary:

It started with a feeling, followed by a realization, then ended up into a future. All that started by the tragic event of his (Hassan’s) birth and revealed by a near death, and ever since, he had never been alone.

Sequential events started to occur in two cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, escalating into chaos. At that point, he finds himself in an enigma he’s not aware of its cause. Using his miraculous gift, which gave him knowledge and guarded him, he will be placed in that chaos to try and figure out the truth, and for that, he is being marked.

In these perilous times, he can only hope for a miracle, other than the one he has.

My Rating of this Book – 4 out…

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Most recent reviews of ‘Psychs’

Hello everyone,

I Just read the most recent review of my thriller ‘Psychs‘ by author Fran Lewis and other customers reviews at and Author House Bookstore. Amazing 5 stars reviews!

I have never felt so overwhelmed, they really loved my thriller. It is days like this I realize that my efforts did not go to waste. I have worked so hard to make my story and my characters compatible and lovable to my readers.

Read the reviews below to know how happy I am right now:-

Fran Lewis : a very thorough review of ‘Psychs’

‘… I read this in less than one day because I could not put it down. This is one book that will definitely make you think, give you pause for thought and make you wonder: Who Can I Trust? This is definitely a FIVE STAR BOOK….’

Author House customer reviews : best review written by a reader calling himself (Max Payne)

‘… A great creative thriller…’

‘… nice writing & storyline that keeps you want to read more & more about whats really goning on in this journey…’

‘… two thumps up for this writter…’

‘… an intertwine between two worlds, the supernatural and scientific tactics…’ Also thorough from Fran Lewis

‘… thriller filled with twists, turns and definitely some miracles…’

More reviews are on the way, but the one I’m waiting for the most is the Kirkus review, which will be out there hopefully by the end of October or the beginning of November. Thanks to all those kind readers, I feel more confident about it.

Have a wonderful day everyone


A fan from Germany just uplifted my spirit…

I received a message through my facebook page. It was from a reader from Germany expressing her thoughts about my book.

I loved the description she used about my novel, she said ‘It’s a thriller with wisdom‘,she shared her favorite quote where I used Backgammon as a concept of life:-

‘People think of life as a chess game, but the truth is life…is role the dice, and you do your best with what you get.’

She also told me she had enjoyed the action parts and who her favorite character was, Adam Goldfish(Mine too).

I’m spending the rest of my day in zero gravity… that’s how happy she made me feel. Bless her heart.

Psychs website

‘Psychs’ is a best seller in Kuwait

I took this picture yesterday while I was passing by at Avenues.


Picture take at ‘That Al Salasel Bookstore, Kuwait’

Another at the entrance




It feels great.

Thank you very much to all my fans in Kuwait, you are really amazing. I hope my novel will find its way to avid readers and thrill seekers out there. But for now, Kuwait, and Dorset UK will have enjoy it before all of you.










‘Psychs’ e-book reveal

I have mentioned my novel so many times before, bits and pieces of it. Now is the time to represent it in a new, more flashy way, as promised before.

Here’s a video where you will get to know more about my novel, and maybe about me too.

It’s a matter of time now…

My book is in the process of taking a different form now, an unphysical one. ‘Psychs‘ is on its way to Amazon’s Kindle, B&N’s Nook, i-store, and many other on-line e-book sellers out there in the digital world. So hopefully in the coming weeks, I will be able to share my fiction thriller with more avid readers out there, it is only a matter of time now.

My publishers asked me to add links to my widget, which they provided for me, like facebook page, Twitter, blog… and if I can, a youtube video. Just finished with the last one, filming, not uploading though. It is being edited by my very close and dear friend, who’s a wonder when it comes to these kind of things (I see a good future for him, but only if he decides to pursue it).

So stay tune for a short preview of my novel, hopefully it will be during this week, and maybe one day, I will show you the bloopers.