‘Psychs’ is a best seller in Kuwait

I took this picture yesterday while I was passing by at Avenues.


Picture take at ‘That Al Salasel Bookstore, Kuwait’

Another at the entrance




It feels great.

Thank you very much to all my fans in Kuwait, you are really amazing. I hope my novel will find its way to avid readers and thrill seekers out there. But for now, Kuwait, and Dorset UK will have enjoy it before all of you.










Elements of my novel ‘Psychs’… Part 2

I posted the first element of ‘Psychs‘ yesterday, a fiction thriller which is available on Amazon’s Kindle, B&N’s Nook, i-store and other e-book sellers. And now, I’ll introduce the second main element  which made my thriller, Time.


The main events of my thriller takes place 10 years from now, but it’s not a futuristic sci/fi novel. So why did I jump forward?

Well… I always try to provide as much spaces as I can for the readers to fill in the blanks, everyone has their own beliefs of the situations and of the people that are around us, so the reader may think subconsciously ‘That can’t happen here, not in these times’. And that’s why I created another time, vague to the readers, yet familiar at the same time (location wise), so my story can seep into the mind without so many check points.

Lots of things can happen within ten years. Creating fictional locations within real ones was another reason why I went forward in time… and of course, there are the events too; I can easily add fictional events from my own in this new time period I created to run smoothly with the plot of my story.

Time was a main element in my story; it was the synergist to boost the story’s plot

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I’ve been featured this week for avoiding the Deus ex Machina

Many have witnessed it, and felt frustrated by it. The Deus ex Machina is a writer’s way to reach an ending or a solution by cheating.


So you placed a character in a very bad situation, you over shot your drama factors and increased the dosage for the readers… and you did it without planning how will you get out of it. So what to do? Will you cheat and make your character wake up from what it turns out to be a dream? or a mythical creature suddenly appears without previous mentioning of? Or any of the other solutions that will frustrate the readers who kept building high hopes for their characters?

You can learn better about the Deus ex Machina from the Story Addict, and you can find out the signs and criteria of a Deus ex Machina. And in the end, there’s a small feature of my fiction thriller ‘Psychs’ as an example of avoiding the easy way.

Why was I featured??

Well, I placed a character, with no hands, inside a prison, for 13 years… So how did I get him out? Did I use some magic trick or placed a fairy godmother inside with him? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be featured.

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The one who shared my vision

Any author will need to give some shape to his or her book, one that helps to introduce their work to others. And like a moth to the fire, readers are attracted to books by a glimpse at the cover.

This is an old saying used about almost anything these days, ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’… well… we judge it by the back cover, the synopsis. But what gets you to hold it, to feel curious about it enough to read the synopsis is the effort of the cover designer.

I have posted her recent work pertaining my new fiction thriller.

Me and my designer, Gida Sameh

Me and my designer, Gida Sameh

I know, bad picture quality… camera battery went off, and I was only left with my old cell phone, which I’m attached to.

Any how…

First time we met was when I approached the arts and design faculty, I had only one idea for my cover which I designed the basic look for… went something like this.

Each hand gesture is the letter beneath each character in sign language… a language really important in my series.

The designers over there started to do things on their on image, except for Gida… she approached me and said, that it needs to show the transformation of the character like I described to her, and it needs more psychological touch, since my character is also a psychiatrist.

Two weeks later, she came to me with this.

I’m really grateful for having a talent compatible to my ideas, I have two projects for her now, which I’ll have to postpone until she’s back from her vacation.

Good and Evil

There is no such thing as pure Evil or pure Good… only pure Human.

Because both exists within us, we are always struggling. So the real classification is fighters and quitters.

Accept the truth within you and others, and keep struggling for your light, never let anyone obscure it, especially you.








New poster for Psychs

‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ – Early Emperor of the Xia Dynasty, in China

My book has 99,555 words, this poster speaks half of it. Her words are not shown through the shapes only, but the shades, the location, and what my characters do gives the sense and the feeling of my story.

If you ever in Dorset, Poole, passing by bookworm books in Ashley road, chances are you’ll see that poster and you’ll know it represents a piece of me, which is my book.

Here’s the poster dedicated for my action-fiction thriller ‘Psychs‘, designed by Gida Sobh.




Two interviews in one week

Last week was the busiest, I shipped my book to the UK, had my hands full in finishing up with some of the patients in the clinics, and I had a full week exams.

Two days ago I was called for an interview in my university, and I did another one yesterday, which was conducted online… It was just what I needed after having a long week, and I had fun doing both. Here’s one Which occurred yesterday, An interview by Adam A. Ameen… I hope you will enjoy it, and if you felt like it, you can ask me anything too.

Q: I read your blogs and I want to know, how did you go from not being interested in reading to writing?

A: Well… I took a summer course, which as you know, is boring… So as I was shopping, I saw a book, called The lake house by James Patterson, it was a thriller. I liked the synopsis, and it said don’t read it alone at home… so naturally I read it alone at home… and that’s when I realized the love of reading, It was better than the movies, because when you read, you are the director, and for us, our imagination is the best.

Which brings us to writing, I saw my potentials when I gave my ideas to students who were discussing making a movie, I saw my self like the writers I admired… and one day, I saw one of my ideas, the one published now, getting praises from many… so I started writing, and here I am

Q: But what made you think you were able to write a whole novel just from a single idea?

A: Well… the impact of the idea coursed me to believe I can… I saw people seeing potential in it. My idea kept growing until I had no choice but to let it flow out

Q: And did you have experience writing before?

A: Before I started my novel? No… I was the guy who didn’t do well in literature courses… But at the same time I was only writing to get grades and just pass, and not to express or to be creative… So my experience came later, with reading… and you can tell that you gained a lot because when you read your work after you are done, you’ll get to realize what it needs to be at THAT league, the league of the bestselling authors.

Q: So In that case I’m guessing you did research to plan your story?

A: Research is an understatement… I did more than that

Q: How so?

A: I read two books about body language and the art of persuasion, so I can master my dialogues and my characters. I read technological books, like Spy craft, books about technicality and tactics, I went around asking doctors and pharmacist some medical questions… and of course, the internet… My eyes boiled daily as I did my researches, it was an effort which I really really enjoyed… I forgot to mention that I also did research about history and locations, and, believe it or not, about luxury watches

Q: That’s really something, let me ask you this though. How did you know you, say halfway through the story, that your writing is good and not bad?

A: Well, I doubted my self many times, because I can’t be the one to judge, because its my book… so half way through I wasn’t sure, I was sure though after I finished and started reading. It was like reading another book, I found my self enjoying what I wrote, and that’s when I realized it’s really good, by going back to my work as a stranger

Q: But were you completely detached from your work when you read it as just a reader?

A: You can’t tell… Which is why I got a second, third, and eventually, 20th or maybe more opinions… Even the greatest authors have to give their work to their agents before they approve to print their work. So When I saw that others loved it, I went for the process of publishing

Q: The most intriguing thing to me is: how did you fix the loopholes in your story after you were done and how did you make sure you tied all the loose ends? And more importantly how did you know you were done?

A: I made points before I started to write, and I read the book three times after I was done… So I guess its what did I do before I wrote and afterwards that made me sure I have tided all the loose ends.. and to be honest, I placed some ends further from this book to be tied later in the sequels.

Q: And did you ever think of putting anything of yours that you thought too controversial like something offensive, strong language or sex?

A: I don’t have to… you will always have readers thinking that way… some may see racism from a children’s book… which is why I went to avoid that by making my characters from more than one place, in a place where diversity exists, and most importantly, I wrote in the beginning of my novel

‘Good and Evil has no passport, it wears many skins, speaks in different tongues, and exists every where… even in the same person’

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