‘Psychs’ posts and news

An invitation to discuss my book.

‘Psychs’ in Bookworm Books, UK

I’ve been featured this week for avoiding the Deus ex Machina

The one who shared my vision

What will you realize?

‘Psychs’ is this month’s pick for Kuwaity Book club

What made my new thriller

New poster for Psychs

How far did I go to make my book… A great journey

‘Psychs’ ships to the UK

What my book cover reveals…

Psychs. A new ficion thriller by A. H. Amin.

My book in a new region

Chapters sample (Just a piece….)



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  3. sakuraandme · April 29, 2014

    Afternoon Amin, I am way behind the 8ball, has your sequel to Psychs come out? I have lost your email address? Take care, Paula x

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