Story-viewer (The Drenai Saga)

I am the tomb-raider of reviewers; I search for hidden and rare gems that deserve more appreciation. Today I will be talking about one of my favorite fantasy sagas, and in my opinion, an underappreciated tales with memorable characters.   Here’s where you can get all of David Gemmell’s books:… Drenai Saga Books (In […]

This is an incredibly detailed review of ‘Psychs’ on Gabina49’s blog.

Originally posted on Gabina49's Blog:
Psychs: Ahmed Al-Amin  Entities all around him entering his space, his mind and every being creating events that either did happen or maybe he imagined it all. Hassan sees images the souls of eight people appear to him and for some reason are connected to him. But, why? As…

My head may burst in the coming days…

    So many things to be worried about inside and outside my head and the reason is because my double lives are both highly active at the same time. Right now I’m two months away from becoming a full fledged doctor…. Ok, ok a dentist, anyhow, I started my midterms now and as I […]

New Widget for ‘Psychs’… Love it

Here’s ‘Psychs’ new widget, it has everything a real book deserves; a video of the book, a sample chapter that will leave you wanting more, and info with links to where it can be pinpointed. – ‘Psychs’ Widget Enjoy your visit.