“The Last Mile”… Inspired By The Expatriate Life.

In my previous post I have revealed my newest adventure; which was set in China and it will last around three years… Yes, I am now living abroad where I get to struggle with the process of adjustment, learning a new language, and… the very cold weather… seriously; a Russian colleague expressed to me that it’s colder than her hometown, which gets around 20 below zero. But even though my trip has trials and obstacles, it is still not the adventure you would look for on the book shelves.

During my time as an expatriate in Egypt, I had the fortune of meeting one of my best friends, a student with a very interesting story to tell. She is always inspiring, kind, talented… and she runs marathons. But underneath all that was a part that was sad to know. I was inspired by her story and wished I could know more about her, and to be able to experience what she experienced… I sometimes felt jealous of her because I knew she was stronger than me, because I would crack under that pressure.

So when I came to China, I found inspiration was spreading in the air. I wanted to write something inspiring especially since my inspirational novel Kima has reached to a point where I can feel brave enough to let her go. And that’s when I asked for my friend’s permission to allow me to use her as my muse for my next inspirational novel. I have been working on my thrillers for a while and I am planning my next publishing strategy… But the lion’s share from my efforts will always go to my writing.

So I write today to express my gratitude to have known you, Dr. Enas. I wish you all the great fortune that you deserve in your new life, and I hope I will do you just in this story inspired by your adventures. Keep doing what you do and stay, as always, inspiring.

Here’s a draft from the prologue. I hope you will get to know here more in the coming future.

The Last Mile.

Legs stiff, breathing fumes out of her burning lungs, gasping for air, drowning in her own sweat, and her heart is a raging beast, pummeling on her ribcage; furious for what she has put it through. How could a day that started with a cool breeze turn into an afternoon in the Sahara desert? How did it get to this? What brought me here to this final mile? She reproved herself. This morning, they made the mistake in placing a runner named Enas in the ten mile division instead of the thirteen miles marathon. Now that she thought about it; it could be the fates telling her to reconsider, that she does not belong in this marathon… the same way she thought that she didn’t belong anywhere.

The only positive thought Enas could squeeze out of this seemingly final moment of her strange life is that she is going downhill. One mile of rest after nineteen miles of torture. The same statistics life had given me so far – her depressed body calculated for her. She tried to block the fact that the last remaining distance is going to be uphill. Save your energy… save your life, damn it! Her brain fought against her crumbling body.

It  didn’t feel like she was going downhill anymore… It felt like she was falling into a hole, one she have to crawl out off, like the many times she fought her way through her life.

Here I am – she told herself. She is now at the bottom, high on endorphins, ready to ascend up. She turned and looked back, to see what does the last mile look like. But what she saw was more… she saw her life. She looked the past in the eye, and it revealed her story.



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The Very Inspiring Award…

This is a very belated post that I have been trying to take a part in, but when you read the post to follow, all will be clear. My very kind and one of my favorite bloggers have graciously nominated me for having a very inspiring blog. To know that what you do and what you are trying to spread within the sea of writers and bloggers are not going by unnoticed, and that they are being appreciated is the greatest gift I can get, and for that, I thank you with the bottom of my heart, Ol’ Big Jim. 🙂


So Let’s talk rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog.
  2. Display the award logo.
  3. Nominate at least 15 other blogs and provide a link where they may be found. Then go to their blog, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been nominated, and where to find the information they need to accept (rules).
  4. Mention three things that inspired you the most during the past few weeks.

First of all, I have to say, that the third rule is one of the reasons I almost decided not to participate, because I honestly been away from blogging for far too long and I have been reading fewer posts than usual. But even though, giving credit to the few is better than not giving credit at all. I would like to congrats those out there who also have been a big inspiration to me and I would like to nominate them as a way of encouragement, a way to say “Keep up the great work, I love what you are doing.”

1- Kelsey Ketch. She has always supported everyone who are trying to have their voices heard. She kindly provides the chances any author would like to have, she is a true supporter of her fellow writers… and her debated novels are just what I am waiting for after I have read all the reviews of Daughter of Isis, and Son of Seth.

2- Paula Acton. Her blog has brought delight to me on many occasions, but what she does outside her blogging world is in fact inspiring. She had helped in participating in the fund raising for a Hospice so that the building would provide the needs of the patients and also the needs and comfort of the family who can very often be spending hours daily at the hospice. The world needs more kind people, and I would like to give my appreciation today to one at least.

3- Yi-Ching Lin. If inspiration has an eye, it would surely be resting on the hands of one of my favorite photographers. Her images are really inspiring, with each view Yi-Ching witnesses its effect first hand through her beautiful words she associate with each picture.

4- Indira. A poetic blog, inspiring to all senses, and to the soul. She shares her poems and her own vision of India, and it is really heart warming. She a keen reader and I love how much she encourages posts that inspires her.

5- Jordan. A single mother with two beautiful daughters and a good writer. What she is doing a truly inspiring to women out there.


Now here are the three things that have gave me hope, made me smile, and thank god I am alive now.

1- My nephew, the one I love the most, was diagnosed with a case of mild autism. My brother, his dad, and my nephew’s mother were sad, and they lost hope. They did not know how to deal with him and how to control him. I had to be there for the little kid, me and his grandmother have done our best for him… and now… he had recovered. Three tests and they all say that he had recovered. He is talking more, looking at our eyes and understands what we want from him. He is now three years old. His recovery that followed our very excruciating work inspired me to say that everything is possible.

2- I have been planning to create a new comic book, something that is different than my usual medium in story telling, since I have only published books. I have been searching for an artist to help me but I couldn’t find one. Eventually, it was that setback that helped me see it through. I started to teach myself how to draw, and eventually. Here I am… with a new comic book about to be published, along with a new book.

3- Last week I got interviewed. The reason why I mention that is because the questions I had to answer had really reminded me why I started writing. I sometimes forget how it felt like, but when I had that interview, it really opened my eyes, and encouraged me to keep going forward.



What’s missing?


I was that person…

We all may have at some point started to act like that in our lives, and some are still stopping midway between the start line and the finish line considering to not just not to go forward, but instead to move sideways and quit while they are in the middle of……. well, your brain can fill that blank since you maybe able to relate.

What makes us start in the first place? Did we know that we are going to quit before we start working on sculpturing our dreams? Such knowledge would have prevented us from starting up in the first place, let alone to go through the process and the endurance of the hard work. Was it because we tasted the reality of it and it made us more aware that the blueprint we relate our work on is actually based on a dream? What motivates you to do what most of us would shy from?

The answer is simple…

The word that describes that answer can be simply put out in the open, but the truth is, obtaining it depends entirely on you… the answer is, PASSION!

To have passion in what you do in everything you are attempting to accomplish is what makes you move forward and not backward, certainly not sideways and out of the track, because passion will guide you to your goal.

Have passion in what you do and there will be no stopping you. Your dream is but a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled. So be true to your message, and let passion guides you while you walk in the right way… not the easy way and not the simple way, but the right way.

~ A. H. Amin

The signs

People are sulking around me these days, the news and the speculations with all the protesting that is happening around us is bringing everyone’s spirits down. Some of the people on my facebook friends list post the most ridiculous thoughts and theories and they really appear with no knowledge in politics, real life, religion… you name it. I keep them on my friends list for my entertainment (I know, I’m awful). But the last straw that glided and hit me in the eye while I was reading their posts is how many of them, and even before all the protests have started, think that all these… (( Bad things))… are signs of the apocalypse.

They think that our era is the one that is suffering the most, evil is really now around us. I hate it when people adjust events to make them more than what they are. I’m sure through history those people thought the same way and honestly, they were more entitled to think that way. I’m sure the shock of burning 6 million people because of their faith in the world war was a sign… holocaust should be a sign, right? When a nuclear bomb hit two cities in Japan that could have been interpreted as a very obvious sign that the world will end in the couple of years to come. Now people may see a natural disaster and they will think ‘This is one of the minor signs of the apocalypse’.

I say the moment will happen when it happens, no need to waste our lives and worries over this. When our time comes it won’t be because the last week have rained more than usual. So please live your lives as immortals, and cherish your beloved ones as if tomorrow you’ll die.

And now, I leave you with a little something to smile about.



Into my mind through my legs…

Here’s where best of my thoughts came to me…


This under appreciated garden is where I usually go to jog. The first time I saw that place from my balcony when I moved in I thought to myself ‘This park could be put to better use.’ How little did I know.

It was a place of soul searching and I have a lot inside my head that needed to be found. I see things clearer over there, it’s like meditation to me; clear air with a worn body can lead to a clear subconscious, and as I always say, best ideas originate from our subconscious since our consciousness is too busy with our reality.

My ideas came to me from there, and they manifested themselves on paper. I advise everyone to try to find a good and clear way to let their ideas emerge, otherwise, you’ll be containing the very reason you were created for.

~ A. H. Amin

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Everything is permitted when we are creative… Part 4

‘Be aware of how much can you accomplish… you will realize that you have been a stranger to yourself the whole time’

How do you think that sounds?

Why not? You already have a pen…

By a simple idea you can make our hearts flutter…

A whole new meaning for the phrase ‘Honey kisses’

Even though created momentarily, its effect is grand…

After all, they are only there when the sun wants them out, so why not dressing them up?

It won’t be associated with danger anymore…

You have a flashlight and you have a creative mind… make our jaws drop.

Your art can make us more responsible.

A camera, your friends and your imagination… that’s all you needed all along.


“The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette.” ~ Henry S. Hoskins





A new moment in history… ‘Felix Baumgartner’s Jump’

Here’s a new day where the whole world gathered to see a man ascending to the heavens, we held our breathes to witness a great moment in history not far-fetched from the moment a man first walked on the moon. Having that thought in my mind I couldn’t help but wonder if Neil Armstrong was up there with him, patting Felix on the shoulder and wishing him good luck.

A star descended from the heavens to us mortals, showing us how courage and determination can change dreams into realities.

God bless you, Felix, and welcome back to earth.

Read the full story here in the Telegraph, UK


An ongoing war between men and time

Like the great Charlie Chaplin said ‘My only enemy is time

Time passes, we become a bit closer to that age where the zero is in the right again, and the decade next to the zero changes, realizing at the same time that the list of accomplishments could get shorter. Time is gaining on me, and that’s why I was trying to work harder than ever to fight it off.

It is an unfair fight, for time does not rest. I am looking at the counter, and for the first time in my life I feel that way.

I sat, never alone because I’m always with my thoughts, then I realize that the best way is to be diplomatic about it. There is no winning in a war with time, so we try to live in harmony with it, try to balance our relationship. Here’s a strange concept I always think and act about… ‘we should give time for time to pass by’. I often say that we should allow the subconscious to form its ideas and solutions, because the best thoughts originate from the subconscious, since our conscious is always busy with our reality. Our reality grows a bit more with our age, we get to forget to enjoy life and let our minds take control instead of us trying to control it.

Here I think like an old man, even though I know I’m young… maybe I’m just afraid. But isn’t that how life is? A jump to the pool, where we hesitate, jump, and eventually realize how much fun it is?

Let us move forward… with time, and not against it…

On a side note, I can’t wait to that age where I’ll be having some grey or white hair dispersed in what’s mostly dark hair… I think that’s when I’ll get all the ladies.