A philosophy of writing…


~ A. H. Amin

Googled myself today…

The word google itself is actually a number composed of the digit 1 followed by 100 zeros. And it is now represents the oasis of the digital world where people can find refuge from the desert of ignorance. And by each day, that oasis is growing into and ocean where almost everything you can imagine to learn and discover can be present there… it can also mean that it is lost too; for the bigger the ocean, the harder a drop can be located.


I have released my first book out there (not talking locally, but internationally) a year ago. My novel, Psychs, have been released on more than 30 online stores and only six countries’ bookstores, in other words, I tried my best to make that drop of information condense gradually to make itself apparent, I became busy with my intern in the clinics so I allowed the data to stew a little on its own… until today where I decided to dive in and see if I can locate myself by writing A. H. Amin+Psychs… I was not disappointed. I was deeply and especially moved when I saw a website called Words from life, where I felt touched. I saw it again too in Shiny Quotes and, of course, Goodreads. I have always been a quotes aficionado, and to see my name next to words I have written was the perfect boost for my day.

Another boost was having my designer send me the final draft of my new sequel of the Psychs Series, entitled Iblis (Arabic for Devil). Which means the next chapter in the series is becoming more and more closer to my grasp, my second child is on the way and I can’t wait to hold that baby in my hands, and hopefully share that joy with my readers, old and new.

So keep a look out for a book cover that may look roughly related to my first book… here’s a hint…


Book1 copy


~ A. H. Amin


Be carful around me…


~ A. H. Amin

Where was I..?

No, don’t wipe your screen, it’s not dusty, it’s just long lost, relic me. It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog, but now my intern year – which occupied most of my mortal time – is only twenty days from becoming a past experience. And I have the best comeback I could ever offer.

A quick update… I have been working in the clinics… yes, that part is true, a doctor… OK… a dentist… by day, and a writer by night. So here’s how my obscured life is… ‘Iblis’, the second book of the Psychs series, is back in production. I don’t want to delay it any more. The hunt for an agent is still on track, so until then, I am publishing my second book and hope it will get the same – and hopefully more – recognition from the readers and reviewers. And guess what… a book cover will be revealed, hopefully sooner than you can say ‘Really?’.

I’ll give you just a taste, a part from the first design which will be modified.

Book1 copy


More good news…. The third book is being written as we speak… I mean as we write… read… you get the picture.

The full picture will be shared soon, and I will be revealing more from Iblis (Arabic for Devil). I will post more of me stuff too of course, now that I have time to spare. Today I will go classic, just the way I like it, and watch an old movie. I am going to enjoy (Eye of the needle) A spy movie taking place in World War II, starring Donald Sutherland.

Enjoy your weekends.


~ A. H. Amin

The Journey Back

So my seven days leave from work is over and I had to go through the thing I hate most, which is going through the day before my departure, a day I really despise and it have always made me feel as a death-row inmate waiting for the electric chair… But at least I got my last meal, they made one of my favorite; puff pastry chicken. My youngest brother is in Canada doing his masters in mechanical engineering, which means I am now the youngest one available… Which also means I am the family’s Geisha. So they decided to take advantage of me on my last day. Got to get my nephew from his kindergarten, which was cool, I always enjoy riding with him.


I look like a fly… I always go tropical on vacations

I was on my very early flight, and midway through my boring trip, I looked up as I sighed… You know… One of those “I’m getting too old for this…. Stuff” kind of sighs?… When I came across this…


Hmmm… If I was crashing, I would be glad to know where that vest is… So why would they put that up where I can’t see it?? I know they always show us those instructions video… But I was too tired, I slept through the take off. Also, I was sitting next to the emergency exit, so the vest must be available on the spot, because I don’t want to be the first one to drown… No… That would be embarrassing.
A thought came at the time… Maybe it is the right place to tell us where the vest is… No, let explain!! You see… You are falling… Fast, wishing you sat next to someone named Jack (those who watched Lost and understood me… Gracias) feeling your cheeks meeting with each other behind your back (and I’m not saying which cheeks I’m talking about) you would look up and say ‘oh god oh god oh god’… Then suddenly… A sign… Life vest under your seat. So?? Pretty convincing. I glanced in front of me and saw that the same was written but it was in Arabic and not like the one above me… The same scenario replayed but with a different ending.
‘Oh god oh god oh god’ looks up.. Can’t read Arabic ‘no no.. I meant Allah…’ Pooof… Plane explodes for no reason. :)
What if it was made from China and it was written in Chinese?? Well if it was made in China then it won’t matter… I am just kidding, I have the greatest respect for every culture… But you have no idea how boring my flight was.


Does that makes me a Wing-man?

Now I am back, working again on my third novel, waiting for the cover design for the second book in my series and still in the search for an agent. My book will hopefully be out in the summer. My intern is almost at its end. So starting from tomorrow, I will be back in the clinics.
I hope you enjoyed my bit on how my journey ends, and how another starts. Wish me luck… I can never get enough of it.

~ A. H. Amin

My Day In Photos


I’ve always been curious about the daily lives of others who are living remotely away from where I am, not because I’m nosy, but because in my core – and this is true about me – I believe that there should be friends for me in every place in the world as a way of balance between the diverse, a connection that helps us to learn what stereotype education had managed to blur… To learn about each other’s normal, dorky, cool or corky lives.
I have planned to place this blog post as a tag type of post, where people could share a day in photos with their readers, so I hope if this goes well, everyone would participate. No rules, after all, it’s your day.

Here is what I wake up to everyday


This is called the Fortune Meter, and it serves two purposes. One… It helps sober me out of my sleepy status, for it takes great concentration to not hit the wall… Or my feet… Which is why I brought the magnetic kind instead of the needle one.
The second purpose is the reason why I call it the Fortune Meter. The better I do, the more fortunate I would feel today… Another reason not to buy the needle type, because I would be so bumped if I got my leg pierced that day. Also, I am calling it the needle type because I honestly don’t know the actual term, but I don’t care, I did well today on the gauge.


Wore my shirt of the day…. What do you mean you don’t get it?! Oh… Right… Explanation time. You see, elephant in Arabic language is pronounced ‘Feel’… Pop quiz!! Complete the following ‘I ……. Great.’


The dental clinics building… I bet most of you thought I worked in a medieval dungeon, but no. It is a pleasant place to work at.


Not sure if I’m doing root canal treatment or giving birth.


That went well I hope. Hard part is done. Time to name the baby.


On the way out, I decided to take a picture of a colleague of mine, and here’s why… He is a Doppelgänger; a person who looks exactly like a friend of mine, who lives in Dubai. Couldn’t find a picture to compare, the latter haven’t been social for a while. Maybe he got married?? :D


Near the Nile. I went for a coffee with a colleague. He asked me to come since I’m leaving this week for a short vacation and he wanted to say goodbye.


So I’m back home where I keep it messy. Here is a picture of me working, doing the other thing I like to do, which is writing. I am preparing for my next and third installment of the Psychs series, following Iblis ‘Arabic for Devil’ which is entitled $(:/)$@(::/…. Sorry, I guess it’s to early to announce the name. :D


This is me wanting to kill myself after I did insanity workout. My body is so burning right now.


I am a fan of video games… Who am I kidding, I live for it. Everyday I sit and live the adventures that I like to experience. I find it very inspiring and helpful.


Here’s my sleeping pill… Although the book is too good, it is actually keeping me up.

So as you can see, today was a boring day… But if it was someone else’s I would have enjoyed knowing about it. I am going to have a week worth of vacation, I will be sure to share that with you all. I hope I have amused you today with this uncharted life of mine. Hope to see yours and read about it.

A. H. Amin

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