In appreciation for my writing One Lovely Blog Rules of Acceptance

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

My thanks to the bride to be, Natasha, for her kind nomination and appreciation for my blog. She began her journey as a bridal blogger, only to realize that she is more. She is a writer, a reader, a baker (two thumbs up!!) and soon, by the end of August, she will become Mrs. breakfast in bed… As you can see, she is the complete package.

My nomination goes to who recently captured my attention through their writings, photos, paintings, and to those who I very much enjoyed having a conversation with… As for everyone else I follow, I am looking forward to knowing you even more.

In no particular order:-

Laurene Alvarado: Do you want to feel like you are inside a dream? visit her and see her amazing portraits.

Gina Lawless: An author on hot wheels, most of her writings were done while going up and down Interstate 5.

Story Addict: A good writer and an avid reader, she is one of the best supporters of Indie authors.

Mom Woman Human: A very good writer and photographer. A single mother with a sweet child, who can give you diabetes by staring at her for too long.

Gloss writer: A young writer to be, she also reviewed my sample chapters on her site… that should tell you how cool she is.

Stephanie Saye: A name which is hard to forget, just like her writings.

Jeannine Vegh: A writer of fiction, who released ‘Little girls should ride ponies’… available on Amazon.

Robin Coyle: Here posts are capturing (time passing) and sometimes just too funny to miss.

Yi-Ching Lin: Right moments just happened to occur when ever she’s present… an amazing photographer.

Julianne Alcott (a recent discovery): An award winning writer, who is in the process of smoothing the rough edges of her new book.

Hmmm, all the blogs I admire belongs to women… strange.

Seven things people may not know about me:

1- I haven’t had a straight sleep ever since I was robbed… which was a funny story by the way.

2- I can’t say no when someone needs help.

3- I play the piano.

4- I used to think Opel (a car brand) was a shirt brand.

5- I have been described in many occasions as an old man in a young man’s body.

6- I’m implosive… but I only go off on someone who really deserves it.

7- First time I went fishing, I used an onion as a bait.


13 thoughts on “In appreciation for my writing

    • FYI, Ahamin – thank you for visiting. Barbara, the person who responded above your comment, is actually my dentist’s wife. he had passed over the winter holidays, but the letters were not sent until late February to let his patients know – quite a sad shock.

    • Surprisingly, no… but the funny thing is my father, who took me there when I was a kid, didn’t say a word… When we were reminiscing and that memory came, he told me that he I wanted to see what would happen… 🙂

  1. I graciously accept the nomination! Thank you! Totally made my day. Would love to hear the funny story about you being robbed (is the funny part the silver lining?) and your musical talent on the piano.

    • You deserve it… and as for my story… well
      I used to have a very bad eye sight before I did Lasek surgery, I was staying in a friend’s house, I woke up at dawn, I saw the robber, he was holding my friend’s laptop, and I thought he was my friend. I was talking to him, saying ‘Man you’re early… I want to catch some sleep, see you later… and please try to keep it quiet, I am too tired’ The robber only kept nodding… 🙂
      When I woke up and found out things were missing, my laptop, his laptop, our wallets, our cell phones, we realized what happened. I asked him if he saw what happened because I saw him in the morning… he said I didn’t see you in the dawn… So there you go, the reason why I can’t sleep… and why I have a much better laptop than the old broken one 🙂
      Yes I play the piano evr since I was 7… stopped for ten years when I was 13, ppl were bullying me about it… but I went back and I’m better than what I was.

    • Thanks :)… the onion worked well with the fishes and not me. And yeah it was a funny thing afterward, but I still can’t sleep well because of that.

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