Team Genesis Motion Comic Trailer #1

A motion comic with an audio book narration fashion. The story is about the appearance of a single supernatural being who changed the world and governments.
The full project is done by me, because I couldn’t find someone who is willing to present this story with me without being paid, and it’s a lot of work since each chapter ranges from 200-300 painting at least. Since I have a story to tell and everything is more possible today… but not easy… I decided to make the whole project by myself.
Now before you go judging; know these little facts:-
1- I’m a writer and a musician… so those are two things I’m good at in this project and I hope I won’t disappoint in those areas.
2- English is not my native language. I chose it though to get a wider audience; since it takes a lot of effort to do it by myself in more than one language… and I’m already doing the whole project by myself.
3- I have Rhotacism… no it’s not something fatal in case you were wondering… but it is a big obstacle. I pronounce the “Rs” “Ws”. I trained myself a lot and searched for ways around it… but it will show from time to time.. I’ll even add a character who has Rhotacism just to show you how I really sound.
4- I was never a painter.. I had to teach myself how to draw digitally and it was difficult. I’m doing a speed drawing, add music, then words, and then my voice. It’s in a sense an audio book with more visuals.

I will discuss more about it in my next video and I will even show you how I did the whole project by myself.

So.. Until next time.

~ A. H. Amin

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  1. Indira · August 26, 2015

    You have become a great all rounder Amin. It’s a great job. My problem is foreign accent, English subtitle I find helpful. What about your second novel?

    • ahamin · August 29, 2015

      Thank you for the kind encouraging words. It would be a chapter oriented, episodic story with words showing on the screen… kind of like a silent movie with only sound track and sound effects. It will sound cooler than having voice overs.
      As for my second book it is already out online. But I didn’t print it and place it on book stores yet. Kind of having something more important at the moment. But I will do it… just a bit later than I want to.

      Kindest regards,


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