The Genesis of my project…


Everything has an Alpha that eventually leads to an Omega, but you have to go through all the Greek alphabet to realize that final goal. Elements need to be forged before it can be assembled. So.. yes.. one must become a chemist in a sense to tell a story in a modern method; to present the work in a rare manner. So my words that I chose to post today will be about the elements of my new story, which I will reveal next Friday. The elements that made my new Animated novel. Before I go any further I’d like to mention that each element will be explained in details later on. Today’s class is actually an orientation.. so take a seat kiddos… the orientation is about to start.
The first Element: Drawing.
You can’t spell painting without pain.. and what a pain it was to learn how to draw. The idea that I had to tell the story that I wrote, is to be shown through imagery, music (composed by yours truly), and sound effects; some made by me and other SFX from here and there.  The first element was the hardest to get. I tried to have an artist on board, but no one wants to do the hard work around here, especially since it takes around an average of 200-250 paintings, and sometimes even more… plus I couldn’t pay for a project that big every time I release a chapter  on youtube. It is a story I want to share for free, a contribution I wish everyone would share with me and the world. Abandoning the project was never an option. So eventually… I made it happen. I taught myself how to draw. I bought a digital drawing pad, and watched some frustrating youtube tutorials which were hard to follow, but I managed eventually. This element will be further mentioned with better details from my personal experiences. Plus I will share some of my digital drawings too.
The second Element: Music.
In books, you get to know what the characters feel; what they are thinking. This, however, needs instruments other than words to show to your readers when the story you are telling is merged with imagery. My second element is, for me, the most important. Because I want to reach through readers senses in every way possible. This is the second element that I will be discussing later, with imagery and a taste of what you’ll hear this Friday.
The third part: Sound effect.
I always thought that what the old silent movies missed was not the voices.. not the music obviously, because there was music in old Silent movies. What it missed was sound effects. Anyone who saw Charlie Chaplin (my all time favorite by the way) would know that this guy makes a lot of rackets, especially his chase scenes from his performance as The Tramp. But it is a racket that I wish to know how it sounds. For me adding that dimension to the story gives a further stretch for the viewer’s imagination. That would be the third topic I would show you how I preformed and managed.
The fourth Element: Story… obviously.
So what am I trying to do… what is it that drove me through all these hardships to make this story come to life. This topic will be mentioned a day before the big premier. Which will be this Friday.
So set your clock, Clear your schedules, hire a nanny, because this Friday I will be releasing the first chapter from my animated novel. Wish me luck and I hope you will enjoy my upcoming story.11951098_893583137401108_6729674064842131575_n 10610724_893583290734426_2307090912388769754_n
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