Me and the Kuwaity Book Club

I have mentioned before that my new novel, ‘Psychs’, made the list in Kuwaity book club July’s read. I was really happy to know that my book will be shared with avid readers, but I was not as happy as I was when they invited me to discuss the book with them.

We started to introduce ourselves, two were first timers to attend the meeting. I loved the varieties of the members; in their ages and their occupations, and they were really amazing. The thing I liked most was how they really felt about my book.
‘We formed an idea of how the book would be before we started to read your book, but then, we found out that it was completely different of what we have expected… it was really amazing’ the founder of the book club told me. That made me feel like I was in zero gravity… I felt too light that I could actually float in the room. We discussed the book, how did I came up with the idea, favorite character, what was my inspiration, and then we just chatted about many things and had a good laugh. In the end, we shared small tokens of our appreciation, I gave them all posters of my beloved ‘Psychs‘, and they gave me special KuwaityBookClub book-marks.

All in all, it was really a very nice experience, one that I wish to repeat many times in the future.


Me and some of the members of the book club


My new book-mark


10 thoughts on “Me and the Kuwaity Book Club

  1. I notice in the picture they are all men i just wondered what the gender make up of the book club was and was there a difference between how the men and women read your book?

    • there were women, some left early, the one who took the picture was a woman too, she is the founder of the book club… we did the picture thing in the end… and there was no difference between them, they felt the same way.

      • i only ask as on the rare occasions when my other half reads the same book as me we tend to have quite different opinions on things especially on characters so I always find it fascinationg to know where others notice differences

  2. Hi Amin. Okay, that cover is different,right?
    Adam is my favourite. Where on earth did his character come from….Or is that privileged information? Lol 🙂 hugs Paula. X

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