My grandmother have left our world

I haven’t posted for almost a week because my family had lost a great piece that made us whole, and we needed time to clear our grief and sorrow that filled her place. I can’t think of her without remembering that every time she ‘s around, smiles and laughter were  always keeping here company. She tells the funniest stories ever and she gave everyone around us nicknames. I won’t share mine, it will be between her and me, and maybe someone special who happens to see her picture around.

Her name was Hadya which means gift in my language, she was a priceless one indeed.

May she finds the peace she always wished for us all.


An old picture of her, she looks like a classic Hollywood star


11 thoughts on “My grandmother have left our world

  1. She was a beautiful woman and I have no doubt her inner beauty matched the outer condolences to you and your family at this sad time but I am sure the legacy she has left behind with you and her family is one of love and happy memories to cherish

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. May God give you peace in your heart at this time. What a lovely sentiment to share what your grandmother meant to you with the world. I am sure she is smiling on you for doing so. God bless you!!

    • God bless you too for your kind words. If I knew my grandmother, she would be teasing me now and say something like ‘She likes you, go get her, I really need to attend a wedding.’ She always say somethings like that, I’ll miss that.

  3. Hi Ahamin, thanks for stopping by. I’m sorry for your loss. As a writer you would probably appreciate “Testimony of the Light, An Extraordinary Message of Life After Death” by Helen Greaves. God bless.

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