The flickering moment


It’s when a new light shines upon your world, providing you with a new binocular to see what you have been missing the entire time.
In just one blink through the hour glass you will see your whole ideas starting to glue themselves; I got that moment today and it was an amazing euphoric sensation, too much so it should be illegal.
To create is to have a purpose, I always say, no matter how skeptical you can get about the mysteries of the world, you can’t deny the magic a new idea can create, and it takes courage and labor to bring that what’s within for everyone to see.
I hope everyone had that moment at some point in their lives, the moment a light flickered for you to see what you are meant to do.

~ A. H. Amin


2 thoughts on “The flickering moment

  1. Hi Amin, *waving*
    What I thought I should do and what I now know I should, are 2 diiferent things. Thats the beauty of that flickering light.
    As for binoculars, it depends whose looking through them. 5 people can all have a different interpretation. Loved your post. 🙂 hugs Paula xx

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