The one who shared my vision

Any author will need to give some shape to his or her book, one that helps to introduce their work to others. And like a moth to the fire, readers are attracted to books by a glimpse at the cover.

This is an old saying used about almost anything these days, ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’… well… we judge it by the back cover, the synopsis. But what gets you to hold it, to feel curious about it enough to read the synopsis is the effort of the cover designer.

I have posted her recent work pertaining my new fiction thriller.

Me and my designer, Gida Sameh

Me and my designer, Gida Sameh

I know, bad picture quality… camera battery went off, and I was only left with my old cell phone, which I’m attached to.

Any how…

First time we met was when I approached the arts and design faculty, I had only one idea for my cover which I designed the basic look for… went something like this.

Each hand gesture is the letter beneath each character in sign language… a language really important in my series.

The designers over there started to do things on their on image, except for Gida… she approached me and said, that it needs to show the transformation of the character like I described to her, and it needs more psychological touch, since my character is also a psychiatrist.

Two weeks later, she came to me with this.

I’m really grateful for having a talent compatible to my ideas, I have two projects for her now, which I’ll have to postpone until she’s back from her vacation.


6 thoughts on “The one who shared my vision

  1. It’s really interesting to see the transformation from your idea to the joint design here. How lovely that you found someone you could work so compatibly with.

      • Haha, it took me a moment to figure out what you were talking about… that’s probably not a good sign, is it? 🙂

      • No… it is… because if you did, that means you got used to it… then it would have no taste… the real deal must come like a new experience… or that’s how I think.

        Ha Ha… really cute that you would think like that, scared are we??

    • Thank you, you are too kind… Having a good cover can tell something about the book, and helps to attract readers, that’s why I’m glad she designed it for me.

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