An important phase to pass through life’s threshold… known as a University

As a senior in my university, and a writer, I was asked to write what I have gained through these years that I had to spend in here. They wanted me to write an article about it.

I didn’t hesitate to say yes, I enjoyed my last article (We are not perfect)… So I went through my memories to have my materials… it turned out that I have to go even further backward in time to let everyone understand my view, and why I want them to know that they are in their right path through our still going journey that we simply nicknamed, life.



University as an experience



My first time inside a university campus was in a field trip, a memorable day in which I learned a lesson still engraved inside my head. A professor explained to us what we get from the carrier and mind sculpturing institute known as a university.

‘In here’ he told us, ‘you will get to leave with two degrees, your major, and the social or psychological degree’ he paused for us before he continued to explain.

Now, thanks to my years in there, I can finally understand what he meant. The diversities, the mentalities, the interactions… these are the right of passage through life’s threshold and they are always present in all the universities.

We find ourselves here, with students with different backgrounds, shaping our social skills, and building relations we have seen with those who once were called students like us. As students, we get to pass through with the help of the professors, hoping one day we would be able to call them colleagues.

That being said, we now know that the new, experienced person is much better than the first one we were; no one can say that he or she were the same person who arrived the first year. We learn in this university how to work, we learn how to work with each other, and by that, we can accomplish.

So I hope this piece of my mind you are holding  gives you some insight to one of the important parts of your journey, I hope all the new students will get to imagine how important and beautiful their days to come can be. I hope all the professors, the seniors and the students who are in their way to get there got to live their memories of their days of their own universities through this column. And once again, to those who are still carrying us towards our real life, I thank you all.


A. Amin



  1. sakuraandme · December 17, 2012

    Great post, Amin! x

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